The 25-Cent Geographic Tongue Eliminator Doctors Don’t Know About

by Tim McMahon

These All-Natural Breakthroughs work Better Than Steroids… Without the Side Effects!

Here’s What They Are And Where You Can Get Them…

double line2August 12, 2014

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most people with geographic tongue, your doctor has probably told you that Geographic Tongue is “benign” and that “no treatment is necessary”…

But of course that is worse than no help at all… It’s downright discouraging.

If your doctor has prescribed anything it may have been something like “Topical Retin-A”, or even dangerous steroids like “Kenalog in Orabase” or “beclomethasone” but that is not a real solution… at best it may have given you a bit of temporary relief.

Unfortunately…all of these options have one thing in common: They only treat your symptoms. They do absolutely nothing to fix the root cause of your tongue problem.

Plus, If your geographic tongue is painful like some people’s… to escape the worst of it, you may have been forced into avoiding foods that inflame your tongue.  When that hasn’t worked you may have talked to a number of different doctors and or dentists in an effort to cure your tongue problem and get some relief from your symptoms (no matter how temporary).

Surely there must be a better way…

Well, believe it or not, there IS a better way!

A way that doesn’t require you to eat a diet full of bland-tasting, unappetizing foods.

A way that restores your natural God given health and doesn’t  require dangerous drugs or messy foul tasting creams on your tongue…  These powerful options work better than drugs… with zero side effects… and for a fraction of the cost!

And you can do it with your doctors approval! Because there is a way to control and even say good-bye to geographic tongue permanently… and still enjoy all your favorite foods…with a simple, safe plan that requires…

…Just A Handful Of Cheap, Little-Known Natural Remedies!

Your doctor has probably never heard of these natural remedies. And Big Pharma and their money-hungry bean counters hope you never hear about these secrets I’ve discovered.

But my goal is to bring you the finest, most up-to-date information possible, not only to eliminate the symptoms of your geographic tongue… but also to expose the heart of the matter and eliminate even hidden health problems by fixing the root cause of the trouble.

Do you remember how simple your life was before geographic tongue and all its nasty side effects showed up? Well, your life can be like that again! You can get your sparkle back and be completely free of geographic tongue – and the best part is…

You Can Say Good-Bye To Your Geographic Tongue In As Little As 2 Short Weeks From Today!

2 Weeks? Yes, I know it may sound hard to believe. And I know you may have heard such promises before. But what you are about to hear about isn’t mere conjecture – it’s proven! Proven to work, in case after case, on real people…with raging Geographic Tongue and all of its nasty symptoms! (I’ll show you actual case histories from former geographic tongue sufferers in just a few minutes).
And these little-known breakthroughs can work equally well for you, too. Here’s a small sample of what these amazing all-natural GT destroyers can do for you…

  • Eliminate Bald Patches and White Rings on Your Tongue
  • Wipe Out Nagging Painful Burning Mouth
  • Eradicate Tongue “Scallops”
  • Get Rid of “Beefy Tongue”
  • Plus, Restore Your Tongue’s Natural Healthy Pink Color

– And ultimately…

…Heal The Root Cause Of Your Geographic Tongue, Not Just Treat Your Symptoms Like Drugs Do!

Let me introduce myself–

My name is Tim McMahon and I’ve been there!

I suffered from Geographic Tongue and through a unique set of circumstances I learned how to get rid of it. You see, shortly after college, I developed Crohn’s disease, which slowly restricted the flow through my intestines. The doctors watched helplessly as I went from a healthy, athletic, 135 lbs down to a scrawny emaciated 95 lbs. Eventually, I looked like I just escaped from a concentration camp because every mouthful I ate caused pain so severe that I literally rolled on the floor in agony…

I actually thought I was going to die (and I looked like it too.) Eventually, I had 1/3rd of my intestines removed. Then just as I eliminated one problem,  I developed a severe combined case of thrush and geographic tongue… which took me years to eliminate.

But the up side of this painful experience is that eventually I discovered the solution, not only for my tongue problems but for yours as well.

And because I wanted to help others avoid some of the pain and embarrassment that I had to go through… I spent two years researching and compiling a virtual “gold mine” of valuable information on a variety of other tongue problems as well.

You can follow this link, if you’d like to hear My Whole Story or skip it and get on to solving your tongue problem.

The Bottom Line

That was more than 25 years ago. Today, I am a healthy active person, I’ve traveled all over the world and led an exciting active life. For instance, while in Thailand and China, I rode elephants through the jungle, and raced Tuk-Tuks and pedi-cabs through city streets. I’ve even explored coral reefs and volcanoes…

But even though I’ve munched strange foods like Zebra and Crocodile in Africa and guzzled exotic fruit juices in South America, I am rarely bothered by  tongue problems (unless I forget my natural solutions).

You see, over the years, I’ve discovered ways to reduce or eliminate my own Geographic Tongue and I have helped hundreds (or possibly thousands) of other people, young and old, male and female, to do exactly the same thing.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to people from all walks of life, from all over the world, who have suffered with Geographic Tongue. I know from personal experience what works and what doesn’t.

Scientific Evidence:

Scientists will tell you that in order for something to be scientifically accurate it must be “consistently repeatable”. Einstein is quoted as having said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

But conversely, if you can repeat an experiment over and over, you know you are really on to something.

And, because of my missing intestines, I don’t absorb certain vitamins so I am the perfect “lab rat”. And because of this, I can make my geographic tongue come and go at will. So I know for a fact, this is the real deal!

Just for You:

Well, I don’t like having geographic tongue any more than you do… but I purposely went off my program in order to take this picture for you. And before long I developed several “bald patches”. So, here’s my tongue when I take care of it and when I don’t .  And the difference is only about two weeks.

Healing Geographic Tongue

Remember, because of my missing intestines I am always going to be deficient but you may be able to get back on track and not have it return.


 Here’s what some other former Geographic Tongue Sufferers had to say:

Case History #1 

Sylvia Cho- Geographic Tongue in a Toddler

Time to Heal: 3 Weeks

Here is what Sylvia told me about her little three year old daughter Christine who had Geographic Tongue…

Sylvia and Christine

Case History #2

Jaqueline Soto- Geographic Tongue/ Burning Tongue in a Young Woman

Time to Heal: 2 Weeks

Jaqueline had raised white bumps on her tongue:

Jaqueline Soto Geographic Tongue


Case History #3

Jon Askill- Long-Term Geographic Tongue

Time to Heal: 1 Month

Jon was a college student,  although he had been suffering with Geographic Tongue since he was 7 or 8, he was able to eliminate his geographic tongue. Here’s what he had to say in his own words.

Jon Askill


Case History #4

Karen Trevino- Pregnancy Induced Geographic Tongue

Time to Heal: 2 Days!

Karen Travino-Facebook2

Note: 2 Days is not typical. But it is possible.


2 years of Research

In addition to my own personal experiences I wanted to provide you with every scrap of information on geographic tongue that I could find.

To date, I’ve found several medical doctors and researchers that have discovered the same nutritional links to Geographic Tongue that I have. (But they are the rare ones.)

I’ve included research in my book from all around the world… from Scotland to Japan. Some of this scientific analysis tied fancy sounding things like “recovery from taste receptor disturbance”, (say what? Oh they must mean bald patches on the tongue) to various specific vitamins and minerals.

Nancy Burkhart, RDH, EdD, is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Periodontics at Baylor College of Dentistry and Texas A & M Health Science Center in Dallas.

Her description of geographic tongue is quite typical of the medical community. She says, “Geographic tongue is a benign condition that has been associated with emotional stress, allergies, diabetes, hormonal factors, and vitamin deficiency. Genetic predisposition has been reported, along with a specific association in those individuals with hereditary cutaneous disorders such as psoriasis and pityriasis”. To read her full report go here.

Note that she admits that it has been associated with “vitamin deficiency” but unfortunately then her big Pharma training kicks in and she goes on to say, “To date, no conclusive evidence supports any of the above-mentioned etiologies.”

But there she is wrong… there is conclusive evidence! Just not necessarily from the U.S.

A Doctor in England found…

  • A mineral deficiency that can cause a pale fissured tongue.

and he also found…

  • A Vitamin deficiency that can cause a sore painful tongue.

A Scientific study in Napoli, Italy found…

  • A link between a “miracle antioxidant” deficiency and burning mouth syndrome.

Tests on rats showed…

  • A taste abnormality appeared quickly when there is even a slight deficiency of this mineral. And this same mineral resulted in lingual (tongue) nerves sensitivities, tongue or mouth pain and has even been linked to tongue or throat cancer.

A Scottish study showed that…

  • Minerals supplementation cured almost all cases of Geographic Tongue. These results were corroborated by a Tokyo study on “Taste Receptor Disturbance”.

A study done by the Department of Oral Surgery in Osaka Japan discovered…

  • A very strong correlation between Burning Mouth Syndrome and Yeast… and get this… even when the Doctors couldn’t see the yeast!

Plus other studies have shown,

  • Another vitamin deficiency can cause a painful sore tongue with a smooth appearance
  • Cheilosis (A disorder of the lips characterized by fissures, especially in the corners of the mouth) has been tied to vitamin deficiencies.

So peer-reviewed double blind research is finally building evidence to show what I found out many years ago, and the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together.

You might be the victim of a lot of misinformation but…

Here’s the good news…

We’ve figured out how to reduce or eliminate your geographic tongue naturally, safely and quickly.  And we promise it will work or your money back. 

That’s right!

Try our natural system out for 60 days…

Which is plenty of time to see results and if you aren’t thrilled you can get all of your money back.

Lots of info

How much would it be worth to you to eliminate your Geographic Tongue?

Charlene Ashley

Many people tell me they would gladly pay hundreds of dollars to eliminate their geographic tongue suffering. (And many have actually already spent much more than that trying)…

But don’t worry, it won’t cost you any where near that much.

Case History #5

Juan Ayala- Geographic Tongue

Time to Heal: 2 Weeks

Juan Ayala2You can download this book of valuable natural healing secrets instantly and join hundreds of others who have eliminated their geographic tongue problems.  Download Now.

And it will cost you much less than a single Doctor’s visit and it will provide you with information outlining the possible causes of your geographic tongue (there are several possibilities) and the natural Step by Step actions you need to take to start the healing process right away.

Case History #6

Christi and Ethan- Toddler Geographic Tongue

Time to Heal: 2 Weeks

Christi and Ethan eliminate geographic tongue

If you act today, you can get my revolutionary book Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue for only $39.95.


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Healthy Tongue Secrets

P.S.   Many other tongue problems can have similar causes to geographic tongue so I have also included helpful information on treating:

  • Fissured Tongue
  • Beefy Enlarged Tongue
  • Burning Tongue
  • Thrush
  • Black Tongue
  • And much more!

P.P.S. I have also included a specific system that Dr. Ackerman gives to his own patients that are suffering from Geographic Tongue. Dr. Ackerman is a Board Certified Doctor and many people have found this section alone worth the price of the book. So order today to read Dr. Ackerman’s natural healing prescription for Geographic Tongue plus much more.


A Word from Dorothy:

Dorothy Chalmers is a sweet little old retired schoolteacher from Scotland and here’s what she says,

Dorothy Chalmers

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