Healthy tongue Secrets

  College Student Eliminates Geographic Tongue
in 1 Month Naturally

and How You can do it too!

By Tim McMahon

How Jon Eliminated His Tongue Problem

Jon is a nice guy. If you met him I'm sure you would like him. He works hard and is attending college.  Like most other college students he spends a lot of time studying. But like any college student he likes to have fun once in a while, too. But Jon had a problem...

Jon's problem began many years ago when he was only about 7 or 8. So by the time he got to college he had already suffered through many years of embarrassment, pain and uncertainty.  Perhaps you can relate...

This is Jon before he got rid of his Geographic Tongue problem. He was really tired of this problem and frustrated and perhaps a little angry! He wished there was something he could do about it.

But year after year... he had seen doctor after doctor... but not one of them had been able to help! He was so fed up with hearing them say the same thing. They told him things like, "Geographic Tongue isn't serious. Perhaps the problem was something that he was eating. Blah Blah, Blah...."  Lots of words (and tests), but no help.

In August of 2004, Jon was home from college with a little time on his hands, so he decided to surf the Internet a bit looking for just a little ray of hope. He had done this many times before, so he didn't expect to find much, but he was desperately seeking a solution.

But this time was different.

Jon "accidentally" stumbled across a website called and realized that there really was some hope. Now this was a first!

It was almost too good to be true! Of course, Jon was skeptical... after all, he had been around the block enough to know he couldn't believe everything he saw on the Internet. But still he had to know for sure. And since we offered him a full 100% Money-back Guarantee he realized he had nothing to lose, (except his Geographic Tongue) so he decided to give it a try.

Even though Jon lives outside of London in a place called Birmingham, he was able to instantly download the whole book from half-way around the world in a matter of seconds. Talk about "instant gratification." A few seconds more and he even had several bonus reports. No waiting for shipping, no postage costs, no shipping several pounds of paper (and no wasted trees!) ó Jon thought it was pretty neat.

Jon couldn't wait to get started reading, he was glad it only took a few mouse clicks to get the book on his computer and opened up. Jon wondered, would it be a bunch of junk quickly thrown together? Well, he would soon find out!

Jon was happy to discover that the book itself (not counting the bonuses) contained 129 full-size,  8Ĺ x 11 pages or the equivalent of about 250 paperback pages. But even more important than the size of the book was the information it presented. 

Jon found the pages were crammed full of useful information about all kinds of tongue problems. This interesting book presented a whole new way of looking at his problem. Have you ever had one of those "Ah-ha" moments? A time in your life when something just clicked? One minute you have no idea and the next... it's so simple.

Well, that is exactly how Jon felt. At that moment it was almost as if he had been stumbling around in the dark his whole life looking for a solution and suddenly a light went on! He finally "got it" !!!

Now he knew how Archimedes felt running through the streets yelling "Eureka!" 

He felt free... because now he knew the secret.

Perhaps finding this site wasn't an "accident" after all... maybe he was meant to find it.

Boy, was he glad he had ordered that e-book!... After a couple of weeks his tongue began to feel better and after only a month his tongue actually looked better than it had in years! 

Here's what Jon had to say in his own words.

September 21, 2004

Hi Tim,

I have suffered from Geographic Tongue ever since I was about 7 or 8. There have been some good spells and really really bad spells.

 Many years of seeing my doctor came to no result, I'd never really been able to pin it down to something that I was eating. Which is where the doctors and I thought the problem lay.

 I tried mouthwashes and stopping eating irritative foods like baked beans and oranges. Which only slightly curbed the problem.

 I felt that I was stuck with the problem for the rest of my life and that I'd never be able to move on. It was as though the medical profession had drawn the line in its research and had just sent out a generic answer to give all patients with the condition - "if it doesn't hurt, then it's not a problem".

 Then when I was nearly at the end of my tether I found your "Healthy Tongue Secrets" book on the internet and found that there are millions out there suffering like me.

 On August 19th, 2004 I bought your Healthy Tongue Secrets book and began looking for solutions based on the premise of treating it from the inside - out rather than just treating the tongue externally.

 Your book has taught me ways of dealing with my problem and how to deal with the problem that the medical profession couldn't throw a cure at.

 After only a month, it is much better already! As you can see from the before and after pictures!


After 1 Month

Jon's Tongue Before

Jon's Tongue After

Thanks so much for the help! Iíve got my fingers crossed it should continue working for me.

to health...


Jon Askill

Birmingham, Great Britain



Geographic Tongue

Mild Geographic Tongue
Mild Geographic Tongue or Glossitis

Geographic tongue has many stages, the first stage is a fairly mild form of geographic tongue where there is only a slight loss of "taste buds" along the edges (actually Papillae). As you can see from the first photo (if you look closely) there is only a slight smooth patch along the front edge of this tongue.

At this stage, the problem is hardly noticeable and often you are the only person who even knows it exists... but it may be beginning to cause you some minor concern. You might mention it to an especially observant doctor or dentist. And they might tell you it is nothing to worry about. But you do worry, you know something isn't right and you feel there might be something more serious behind this.

Typical Geographic Tongue
Typical Geographic Tongue

At the next stage we see a more typical case of Geographic Tongue with the bald patches and surrounding white lines being clearly visible. When your tongue starts looking like this often you begin to become more concerned, even though the doctors keep telling you there is nothing to worry about! Obviously something is wrong and it is getting worse!
The truly discouraging thing about Geographic Tongue is the fact that the bald patches do not stay in one place but appear to move around on the tongue. Often, just as you think your tongue might actually be getting better... then BAM! 
It promptly gets worse again. It begins to seem almost like a cruel joke nature is playing on you. Give you hope then smash it again!
Week after week it is the same thing...
a little better, a little worse...

a little better, a little worse...

This is where the "Migratory" part of its official name "Benign Migratory Glossitis"  comes from. The nasty terrible problem just seems to migrate all around on your tongue aggravating and taunting you.

If you do not find a cure during the second stage, you may even develop a severe case of Geographic Tongue like this one with extremely large ugly bald patches surrounded by strange white lines.

Severe Geographic Tongue
Severe Geographic Tongue with Fissures

Worse yet, the rest of this tongue is absolutely covered with large painful fissures (or cracks) some of these cracks can get as deep as 1/4 inch!. You might not even think your tongue is that thick! Can you imagine having cracks almost all the way through your tongue? Just the thought is painful and makes me shudder!

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome is relatively common and generally appears as an abnormal "burning" sensation of the lining of the mouth or Tongue. Most patients describe it as feeling like their mouth has been scalded. It may affect the front of the mouth, the inside of the lips, the roof of the mouth, and/or the sides and tip of the tongue. 


Thrush is a white coating that forms on some people's tongues and is caused by yeast or "Candida". Fortunately for Dorothy the book also covers Thrush in addition to many other related Tongue problems.



Did you notice that one of the things that Jon learned was that he was not alone. Statistics show that over 3% of the people of the world have Geographic Tongue.

That is, 3 out of 100


 One out of every 33 1/3 people!

Yep, that's 8,799,559 people 

in the United States alone who have
Geographic Tongue!

That would be about the same as everyone in the state of Georgia having Geographic Tongue!


Worldwide the number is an absolutely staggering


That's 194 Million people with Geographic Tongue!


So, if you know 33 people, I bet that someone you know, has Geographic Tongue just like Jon.

Unfortunately, these days people are more likely to talk about their sex lives than about their tongue problems, so people like Jon (and you) might find information a bit difficult to come by.

As the song says, 1 is the loneliest number,
especially if
you are the one out of 33, who is suffering with this problem. You might feel extremely lonely (even though it is actually almost a hidden epidemic!). Many Geographic Tongue sufferers are relieved to learn that they are not the only ones suffering with this problem .

 Like Dorothy. Dorothy lives just across the border from Jon in Scotland.
Remember your favorite teacher back in High School? Well, that's Dorothy, she's is a sweet lady but she's retired now. She hasn't used a computer much and was a little skeptical about this whole e-book thing. She has her own computer but up until now had only used it for e-mail and "browsing."

But Dorothy had tongue problems too. So just like Jon, she was thrilled when she came across the Healthy Tongue Secrets website.

Dorothy had a combination of "Geographic Tongue",  "Thrush" and "Burning Tongue Syndrome" which was bothering her something fierce. She had to find a solution.

*Note: All of these (and more) are covered in depth in our book
"Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed"

Here's what Dorothy had to say the first time she wrote to me:

Hi Timothy

     I am in pain with sore red cracked tongue and thought I was so lucky today when I located your site... so I promptly bought the book you recommended, but I did not know it was an e-book so am having great difficulty... I am really more depressed than ever. Help needed please.



Dorothy wanted something she could hold in her hands and make notes on, so we were happy to help her out and so with a little assistance from tech support (and her daughter) she said,


    I have actually managed to print what you have sent - how wonderful- I called my daughter and she told me what to do - how easy!!!




We've all heard "you can't judge a book by it's cover...", and once Dorothy printed it... she was absolutely thrilled with the content... here is what she had to say. Be sure to look for the comment about being "more settled"... and remember this was immediately after reading it ...



    Happy New Year! I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all your continued support ... your book is absolutely fantastic and a serious award winning piece of work.

Well done in producing this excellent resource for the world! It is pure genius in how it encompasses every tiny aspect of the highly complex tongue and its complexities.

Each and every physician ought to study your manuscript before practicing his/her profession.

Even my husband remarked that I was "more settled today." Information is paramount - my problem is not yet solved but I shall respond to it with knowledge and vigor!!

I promise not to take up any more of your time and am truly grateful for the time you have so freely and kindly given to me.

I wish you continued success.



Dorothy Chalmers             


Is everyone who buys this book from Great Britain? Far from it!

People just like you from all around the world have happily discovered the secrets in this book.  We have satisfied customers from all over the US- from the cold of Alaska to the heat of Florida, big city  New York to small town Arkansas, Rhode Island to Texas, and Maine to California (and everywhere in between) and every one of them are thrilled that they discovered this book's healing secrets.

Yes, we also have many happy, healthy, satisfied people from other places, too, like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Sweden and Mexico.

But that's not all, even people from exotic places like Thailand, India, Uganda and South Africa have happily discovered this secret.

And age is no barrier either we have retired people like Dorothy but also ...

Babies and Children !

One of the most heartbreaking things I hear, is about babies and small children who are suffering unnecessarily with tongue problems like Geographic Tongue. I recently got a letter from Amy who told me this about her son who has it.


Dear Tim,


I have read much of your book and I am understanding it [Geographic Tongue] more!

Hopefully, a few months from now I will be writing you and telling you that my son has not had one spot on his tongue!!

Thank you for all your help and I think it is great that you are taking something that has been a struggle and turning it into relief and peace of mind for others like myself!

Thank you, and to YOUR health too,
Amy M. Johncox


Many people have asked me, "Why did you spend hundreds of hours putting all this valuable information into a book?"

Have you noticed the common thread throughout all of these letters? Jon was nearly "at the end of his tether" until he read Healthy Tongue Secrets, Dorothy "felt more settled" and Amy had "relief and peace of mind."

To tell the truth, it was worth all the late nights without sleep, doing the research and the writing to be able to hear of all the people who have gotten a small bit of comfort. I have really enjoyed being able to help many nice people just like you who are suffering through no fault of their own.

That is why, I decided to share the Secret discovery of how to eliminate Geographic Tongue with those people like Amy (and you) who are really interested in getting well. Then there is Karen.

Let me tell you about her. Karen (like many women) developed Geographic Tongue during pregnancy. In a moment I will tell you the rest of her story but first...

Let me tell you why  Iím convinced that there is a very good reason for so many pregnant women having tongue problems . You see, research reveals that 80 to 90% of pregnant women are deficient in one or more critical nutrients. As their body's demand for nutrients increases they just aren't getting them.

  1. Today's chemically grown foods just don't have the nutrients they used to.
  2. At the same time the incidence of Geographic Tongue is increasing.

    Are you beginning to see a relationship here? 

Did you know?

  • A Recent USDA study showed that only 4% of Americans are getting the minimum recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of their essential vitamins?
  • Another US Government survey found that out of 21,000 people surveyed, NOT ONE  of them managed to eat the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of the ten basic nutrients studied. (It's hard to believe not one out of 21,000, so what are the odds that you are getting what you need?)
  • On any given day, 91% of Americans don't eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Because of Modern Agriculture the food you eat doesn't have the nutritional value your grandparents got from eating the same food.

(For instance, incredible as it seems...
 today you would have to eat

60 servings of spinach

to get the same amount of iron as in one serving of spinach in 1948!)

  • 65% of Americans don't get the minimum daily requirement of Zinc! And Zinc is essential for your immune system and for strong sexual performance. (Perhaps if more people took Zinc there would be less demand for Viagra).

Imagine a broken down stone wall...

... there are rocks missing all over the place. You know you have to find exactly the right rock to fit each hole. You have the exhausting task of hunting and scavenging all over a huge field in the burning sun until you find exactly the right rock to fit each hole.

Then you have the backbreaking job of struggling and straining to lift that huge rock into the wheelbarrow... by now the sweat is just pouring off of you. Then you have to push and strain to move the heavy wheelbarrow back to the wall. 

After all that work, you still have to unload it and line it up exactly and then lever it into place. All for one rock... then you have to start over and go on another hunt for the next rock... exactly the right size and shape...

That is exactly what your body goes through every day.
Repairing your body is just like repairing a stone wall
(The missing rocks are the missing nutrients- each one is unique)

Now to make matters worse...

What if some big bully was coming along behind you and constantly trying to knock the wall down while you are trying to build it up?

Would you be able to keep up in the first instance? (Maybe)  What about in the second? (Almost Definitely Not).

Unfortunately, modern life is full of bullies like stress, pollution, toxic chemicals, preservatives, etc.

But what if...

You have a big strong (and fast) helper like Mr. Universe, standing right next to you... He is quick and strong and ready to hand you exactly the right rock for each spot. He does all the lifting... all the hard work... all you have to do is just guide it into place. 

Do you think the repair would go any quicker? Of course it would. You could slide in rock after rock with almost no effort on your part. (This is your body with a full storehouse of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, etc.)

Well, that is what it is like when you give your body the exact nutrients it needs. It just slaps them into the right slot and Bam! The miraculous healing power of your own body goes to work repairing the damage of bullies like stress, pollution, toxic chemicals, preservatives, etc.

Before you know it, your body is not only able to keep up, but your body can actually get ahead and that means you can get back to the peak of health.

But back to Karen...

How Karen Eliminated Her Tongue Problems...
In an Unbelievable 2 Days!

I know it is almost too good to be true, I can hardly believe it myself... But that is exactly what she told me!   2 Days! (see paragraph 2)

Karen has to have had the fastest results I have ever seen, so I can't promise that your results will be this quick... but her case is a good example of how pinpointing the proper nutrients... those nutrients that your body really needs will allow it to heal itself almost like magic...

Here is what Karen had to say...

Karen's Geographic Tongue Gone in two days

Karen's first question was if it would work for "pregnancy induced geographic tongue." Actually everyone's body needs the right nutrients to counteract the damage being inflicted on their bodies every day. But pregnant women are especially vulnerable because the demand for nutrients is so much higher. (They are not just repairing a wall, they are trying to build a whole new one at the same time!)

If you have ever seen a case of Geographic Tongue you will know that typically it consists of bald patches or white rings around bald patches on the tongue. In addition to just looking bad, it often will put a crimp in your social life and many people like the young lady in this next letter wonder if it is contagious.

... It's sad to say but I used to be scared to kiss my children and my husband because I thought it was contagious, and because there was not much information about Geographic Tongue available...


  • Do you hate the sight of your tongue?

  • Are you afraid to lick your lips in public for fear of what others will think if they see your tongue?

  • Is your tongue getting worse?

  • Are you worried that Geographic Tongue is actually a symptom of something else?

  • Is your Body trying to tell you something?

  • Do you have a slight feeling of "unwellness"? or do you have a feeling that something just isn't right?

  • Do you have all the energy you "should" have? (or once had?)

    If any of these sound like you...

you have come to the right place!

Or perhaps...

You just wish you had a few days relief like this poor woman:

... I have had geographic tongue for 11 years. It just seems to be getting worse. I am to the point now that I do not even want to lick my lips in front of anybody because it looks so bad. My tongue is very sore, my whole tongue has broken out in white lesions. It is so irritating because just when I think it may be clearing up ... it comes right back. I am tired of having this problem.

One time an oral surgeon told me it could be a yeast infection so he gave me Nystatinģ. Unfortunately, that did not work. My dentist now tells me to hold a tea bag on my tongue. I tried that, it seems to do nothing. Is there anything that can be done for this? If I could just have a few weeks relief from this problem I would be happy....


Tongue problems can be very discouraging because of the way they come and go. Just when you think they might be clearing up, Bam! they're back again.

Perhaps you're wondering who I am and how I discovered the Secret of a Healthy Tongue?

How I went From Research Genius to Death's Doorstep (and back again)

Tim McMahon Author of Healthy Tongue SecretsI am a lot like you, I once suffered from Geographic Tongue and even worse.  I hope you won't think I'm bragging, because I'm not. I just want to explain how my unique background enabled me to discover the Secrets that can give you a Healthy tongue.

You see, many years ago, while attending a prestigious private engineering college in upstate New York, I was trained in the methods of top-notch research. Just before graduation, I was even recruited by the CIA, although I didn't know it before I went to the interview (did you know they actually hold "covert" interviews not disclosing who they are until you get there?) and eventually I turned them down. My colleagues went on to become top researchers for companies like IBM, Kodak, Colgate and, yes, even the CIA.

But shortly after graduation, my situation took a strange turn. I developed Crohn's disease and started wasting away. I couldn't eat without excruciating pain. It was a terrible experience. I was sure I was going to die as I slowly went from a healthy athletic 135 lbs down to a scrawny, emaciated 98 lbs with strange patches all over my tongue. 

I was desperate to find a solution and frankly at the time, my tongue was the least of my worries. But with my life literally hanging in the balance, I focused my remaining strength and turned my research expertise on finding a solution.

I made a Wonderful Discovery While Struggling to find a Solution...

But a strange thing happened while I was researching what made you healthy and the factors involved in disease. I made a rare and unique discovery so enormous, that I am excited to share it with you!

I found that certain nutrients made a difference in the condition of my tongue. And over the last twenty-five years I have refined my findings and in addition to my Crohn's disease being a thing of the past (which the Doctors say is impossible) I have only had rare bouts with Geographic Tongue (mostly because I forget I have it!)

I have raised two wonderful kids and spent many happy and healthy years since then. I was able to return my abilities toward work and today I make my living researching and finding solutions to complex computer problems both in the U.S. and Internationally. Over the years, I have continued to hone and refine my research skills in order to find a variety of solutions in all types of circumstances.

I had to Help a Friend in Need

Then about two years ago, Allison, a friend of mine at work, began losing weight. At first it looked good on her (I thought she'd gone on a diet or something) but before long I knew there was a problem. One day while we were discussing her problems she showed me her tongue and all those painful memories of wasting away and anxiously searching for a solution to my problem came flooding back.

I knew I had to do something to help her.

It turned out that Allison had fibromyalgia which caused severe pain whenever she ate (which reminded me of my battle with Crohn's). Naturally, she did not enjoy being in pain, so she would stop eating before she had gotten enough calories to maintain her normal weight. And somehow this resulted in geographic tongue.

Since the doctors weren't much help, I knew I had to do something!

So I began compiling some of my old research into a report that I could give to Allison. In addition, I turned my finely honed research abilities toward finding even more information for my friend.

Allison was absolutely thrilled with the secrets I put together for her...
here is what she had to say when I emailed her the information in my report.


WOW!!!!!! This looks great and exactly what I'm dealing with... and there is actually a name to it!

I really like my doctor, but it makes me wonder why he doesn't know this! ...

Sometimes I feel you are the only one who really knows what I was going through because you experienced it!--




I became Obsessed with Finding all the Pieces of the Puzzle

Even after I gave the information to Allison, I just couldn't rest. As I found more and more pieces of the geographic tongue puzzle, the project expanded and seemed to take on a life of its own.

My report eventually became a book that covers many different tongue problems, because as I looked at them, I began to see how they all fit together like the pieces of a giant puzzle.

As I explored the many various tongue problems I found many common denominators and that is why I tell people,

"You really need to read the whole book to understand the secret, and get the big picture on how it relates to health in general." 

Did you know Your Tongue is like a "Health Meter" for your Body?

One of the mysteries I uncovered while doing my research was that your tongue is actually kind of like a health meter for the body. It seems obvious to me that a healthy body would have a healthy tongue and a weakened body has a sick tongue.

For thousands of years doctors have been asking patients to stick out their tongue and using the signs and conditions they observe to help determine the overall state of the body but... modern medicine has forgotten most of the reasons doctors over the ages have asked you to stick out your tongue. Now when a Doctor says, "Open wide", he is usually not even looking at your tongue at all, but looking down your throat for signs of "strep' instead!

If "Your Eyes are the Window to your Soul"...   

 Your Tongue is "the Window to your Digestive System"

Here's a fact for you, that you may not have thought about: your tongue is actually the first organ of your digestive system. Your tongue moves the food around so your teeth can chop it up into more easily digested chunks and mixes it with saliva. Plus your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body. Being the first organ of the digestive system and being visible from the outside without fancy scopes and machinery, it is in the unique position of giving us a look at the state of your digestive system.

As I said, the tongue is sort of like the health meter or "gas gauge" for your body. When your body needs something it starts a chain reaction that results in the tongue showing the symptoms. The symptoms could be a white coating, or cracks, or even bald patches with white rings (as in Geographic Tongue). Think of your tongue like a "Gas Gauge" indicating when your body is low on something.

I can't be out of Gas, the Gauge must be broken

Can you imagine... a crazy lunatic looking down at his gas gauge and it is reading almost empty. At this point he gets extremely upset and starts yelling and screaming and says, "There must be something wrong... I just put Gas in the car 600 miles ago! That gauge is always saying empty! "  Or perhaps he says, "I must need a new gas gauge, I shouldn't need to put gas in it again this week!" or maybe "It isn't fair".

No, that's ridiculous, a logical person like you,  would realize that the the gauge isn't the problem, you just need to go to the station and get more gas.

Right? You realize that the gauge is there for your protection, so you won't run out of gas and your first response is that the gauge is right and you just need more gas. Only after a lot of evidence would you consider doubting the gas gauge.

The same is true for your tongue, once you know the secret of reading it, you can know what you need to do to return your whole body to health.  I'm sure you can see that just like it is no use blaming the gas gauge for an empty tank...

You shouldn't blame your tongue for alerting you to a problem with your body!

As a matter of fact, Youíre going to become as excited as I am when you discover how these little indicators actually point you in the direction of optimal overall physical health. I hope by now you are beginning to see why treating your tongue as a disease rather than as the symptom (or indicator) will never work.

Searching for Love in all the Wrong Places

Do you remember the old Waylon Jennings song "Searching for Love in all the Wrong Places"? Well, I passionately believe, that is exactly what the medical establishment is doing in regard to Geographic Tongue.

There is a simple easy solution for Geographic Tongue!

As a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest things in the world for you to resolve! When you read the book you will see how the right combination of nutrients can protect your tongue and make it clear and healthy again, in a couple of short weeks!

The problem is that Doctors spend very little time studying nutrition and a lot of time studying disease. And Geographic Tongue is not a Disease! It reminds me of an old joke (even though Geographic Tongue is not funny).

One night a guy named George is walking home after dark. The street is entirely unlit  except off in the distance he sees a man crawling around under a lone lamppost. As he gets there he realizes the man is searching for something. George says, "what are you looking for?" the 2nd man says "the Ten Dollar bill I dropped". So George stops to help, and after a few minutes George asks "where exactly did you drop it?" The 2nd man replies, "up the street a ways." George is amazed and stands up and shouts, "Then why are you looking here?" To which the 2nd man replies, "Because the light is better!"...

That is the way it is, if you look for a solution for Geographic Tongue in the Disease category, you are simply looking in the wrong place! Once you know the right place to look... the solution is obvious!

Imagine yourself getting out of bed two weeks from now...

The morning starts much like any other... The alarm clock rings...You get out of Bed...  you walk to the bathroom mirror and stick out your tongue... but there the similarity ends... This day is different... you stare in amazement and relief because there for the first time in a long time you see your dream come true...  a healthy new pink tongue...

No more bald patches... no more white lines...  just a beautiful pink healthy tongue.

You almost can't believe your eyes... it is almost too wonderful... for a moment you might think that you had a "tongue transplant" in your sleep, or your eyes are playing tricks on you. But it's true, your tongue can be so healthy you won't even recognize it!

Why You don't want a Quick fix to your Tongue Problem

If the foundation of your house were crumbling, I mean big chunks are just falling out, would you want someone to just slap a coat of paint on it so it looks nice? Or would you want someone to fix it properly? I'm sure you'd want it done right, wouldn't you?  Otherwise at some point your walls would start cracking and you'd have even bigger problems. Well, the same is true with your body. Do you want someone to paint over the symptoms or do you want to find the secret to true health and vitality?

Many modern drugs like steroids are like a quick paint job which just cover up the real problem.

Here is an important lesson for you about tongue health:

Your tongue is just a symptom... it is not the real problem... Find the real problem and fix it and your tongue will fix itself!

Unfortunately, your body is very complex... like a car that runs on gasoline, propane, diesel and hydrogen all at the same time. Unfortunately, there is only one gauge for all of them. So if one fuel is empty, the gauge will read empty but you will still have to determine which one is needed. That is why finding the right solution to your tongue problems is so difficult. But in "Healthy Tongue Secrets" I will give you exactly the right tools to determine what you need to do to restore the health of your tongue and  your body.

Perhaps it was destiny...

...that my abilities and my problem would come together to result in a solution to the many tongue problems affecting so many peoples lives. At first, I just wanted to help my friend Allison. But then I realized that was a selfish attitude.

There are thousands of people out there just like you suffering with Geographic Tongue.

Because I have already done all the hard work, spending hour upon hour, compiling this report for Allison, You are in the right place at the right time! And that is why I am so excited about this for you. This way everybody wins!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I live out in the country and don't have access to fancy stores, will I be able to follow your suggestions?

Answer: The key vitamins and minerals and other recommendations in the book are easy to locate in almost any health food store or pharmacy. If you absolutely can't find them anywhere you can click on the links included in my electronic book and order them on line.

Question: I am on a fixed income... will these products cost me a lot?

Answer: No, most of the things I recommend are extremely inexpensive. Some can be bought for as little as $1.98 others may cost a little more.

Question: I am pregnant (or Nursing) will your system work for me?

Answer: If you are pregnant or nursing your body needs more nutrients than at any other time. Research reveals that over 80% of pregnant women are deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals. Some of these missing key vitamins not only create the perfect environment for Geographic Tongue but they also put your baby at risk for brain damage and other birth defects. If you are pregnant or nursing it is absolutely imperative that you  listen to what your tongue is trying to tell you!

Question: My baby daughter is 15 months old and has geographic tongue. I have breastfed her up to 14 months yet she has been having it from the day she was born.
How do you explain that? Breast milk has everything in it she needs, she is also a very healthy normal toddler. Can your book be useful to her or is she too young?

Answer: I am sorry to hear about one so young having this problem. But you have asked an excellent question and there are a couple of possible explanations.

Everyone absorbs vitamins differently and one possible explanation is that even though your milk has everything your baby needs, your baby may be having difficulty absorbing certain vitamins.

More likely, as I said in the previous answer, often women who are nursing are deficient in certain vitamins, if you don't have them how can you pass them on to your baby?

Question: Is there anything else that can cause Geographic Tongue besides just vitamin deficiencies?

Answer: Yes, many things can cause Geographic Tongue. One thing that I can think of off the top of my head would be something like "Thrush" or "Yeast" which can cause vitamin absorption problems. If you have Yeast problems it can lead to many other problems including Geographic Tongue. Incidentally, since Thrush and yeast problems are are so closely related to Geographic Tongue it is thoroughly covered in the book along with many other tongue problems.

Question: Would a blood test tell me what my body is missing?

Answer: The answer is a definite maybe. Generally a blood test will tell you if you are really deficient in something. But often if you are on the "low" end of a scale the Doctor will tell you the levels are "normal" when in actuality that is still your problem.

Question: Will your system work for me?

Answer: Well there is no way to tell for sure until you try it, but I have a rare and unique solution that has worked for hundreds of people already, and It's as close to a "Sure Thing" as you're going to find.

Question: Can your system make me worse?

Answer: Everything in my system is natural, there are no harsh chemicals or drugs. Everything is based on giving your system the building blocks it needs to restore your health.

Question: Will I have to make major changes in my lifestyle to follow your system?

Answer: No, there are no major changes. Although if you are living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle it can increase your bodies need for a variety of nutrients and I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to reduce those stresses.

Question: I have heard that my computer can get a virus if I download anything from the internet.

Answer: Our e-book has been scanned for virus' and is guaranteed virus free. So although there are viruses on the internet our book is perfectly safe.


My book "Healthy Tongue Secrets" covers all of these topics and more, but it is not written specifically for babies, toddlers (or pregnant or nursing women) so you would have to think about how your baby's problem would relate through her connection to you. You might want to check with your doctor or pediatrician before using them.

Suppose one day you walk over to your desk...

...and there you find that someone has mysteriously left a blue folder. Stamped across the front you see the big bold words...

Top Secret- Geographic Tongue Cure

You glance around wondering...

                     where could it have come from?

Then you look a little closer and in small black print stenciled across the front you see the name of the report that is contained inside the folder. The report is mysteriously named "Healthy Tongue Secrets".

You might ask yourself, why have I been blessed with this knowledge now?  The old saying, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear" might cross your mind. You ask yourself, Am I ready to find the solution?

Could you resist sneaking a peek inside?

Deep down you know this report contains all the secrets you have been looking for.

You know it will solve every one of your tongue problems.

Could you resist tearing it open to find the Secrets you so desperately want?

What if there really is a Top-Secret solution for Geographic Tongue?

Would you like to know what it is?

If I were you I know I would.

Just like Jon in the first story, I can make the white rings and "bald patches" come and go on my tongue almost at will and I can show you how to take control of your tongue too!

But, I must admit that the process isn't "instantaneous" or "magic" it generally takes a week for the changes to begin taking effect and another week or two for my tongue to return to a completely normal healthy condition. Then as long as I stay in "maintenance mode" I usually don't have any problems. Occasionally, when I am under extreme stress, the problem will crop up again (since I am not paying much attention to it) and I will have to repeat the treatment.

But under normal circumstances, it is entirely under control!

Yep, It's true.

By giving your tongue the proper nutrients and taking the proper steps, you can make your tongue strong and healthy too, just like I have!

Like you and most other Geographic Tongue sufferers, I had been dealing with this problem for a while.  So, I understand the frustration you feel when you think about correcting this problem. Helplessness is one of the worst feelings around and it seems that every time you go to your doctor, all they do is perform more tests and pronounce: "There is not much you can do for your Geographic Tongue... but don't worry it's not serious."

When I hear stories like that from people before they bought my book it makes boiling me mad!

There are millions of people just like you suffering with Geographic Tongue and wishing that there is something you can do about it. And the truth is, there is something you can do about it!

Instead of getting more and more depressed and frustrated, wondering what is wrong with you... it simply isn't necessary! My readers and I are living proof that you can control your Geographic Tongue! You just need to know the Secret!

This type of helpless thinking needs to stop, right NOW!

There is a simple easy Solution for Geographic Tongue! As a matter of fact it is one of the easiest things in the world for you to do! Believe me, the right combination of nutrients can protect your tongue and make it clear and healthy again, in a couple of short weeks! You just have to give it a try.

In addition, to make it easy for you, I have developed a proprietary V.I.G.O.R. System for tongue health. This system is covered completely in chapter 15 and isn't available anywhere else.

And there is absolutely no risk on your part, you see I am so sure that this information is exactly what you have been searching for, that I am willing to take all the risk. Read it for a full 90 days and if you aren't satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all) simply return it for a full refund and keep the Bonuses as my gift to you, just for giving me a chance to help you with your Geographic Tongue problem.

Guaranteed To Improve Your Health...
Or Get Your Money Back!

If this book doesn't turn your life around and make your tongue healthier, I don't think you should have to pay for it. Just drop me a note and I'll refund all your money.

But if you're like the others who've discovered the life changing secrets in this book people will need a crowbar to pry this valuable information out of your hands.

Warning! After reading this book you may not recognize your own tongue anymore.


Remember, I am taking all the risk, I know you could easily read the book, cure your problem and then request a refund. But I trust you. And I really want you to experience the "settled feeling" and "peace of mind" that Dorothy and Amy spoke about.

Why would I be willing to take all the Risk? To let you read the book and then decide whether to keep it? Because experience has shown that almost everyone who reads it has found it extremely valuable and refuses to give it up!

I did have one woman who read it and said, she already knew everything and she would like a refund.

You could almost hear her whine in the message she sent:

"I bought your book out of desperation because my Geographic tongue is so bad. I wasted my money and am humiliated. You did not provide me with anything i did not already know. I am humiliated i spent my money on this. I would like it if you would refund my money. I needed help with GT-not every other tongue problem."

  (Name Withheld)

I promptly sent her a refund and I must confess I was so surprised that I wrote her back (it's rare that you meet someone who knows everything). I was also curious why someone would be "humiliated" because they tried to solve their problem.

And to tell you the truth, (secretly, I still wanted to help her, even if I had already refunded her money) so I asked about what she had tried and if she had heard of this new research, etc. (which she hadn't) and she appeared really high strung and stressed. I felt sorry for her. It was also obvious that she had disregarded half the book (and all the bonuses) because it "wasn't specifically targeted" toward Geographic Tongue. She totally failed to grasp how our bodies are completely interrelated and how all tongue problems stem from a single cause. I was saddened and disappointed that she wouldn't let me help her.

So, Just stop reading now,

this book is not for you


  1. You are unwilling to look at the "Big Picture" and insist instead on focusing on a single tree rather than being willing to see the whole forest

  2. You get "Humiliated" because you want a solution to your problem

  3. You have a closed mind and aren't willing to look at things from a new perspective

  4. You already know everything

  5. You actually enjoy whining

Fortunately, If you have read this far...

 You have already demonstrated that you do have an open mind and are truly looking for the secret to a healthy tongue. So I think we can help you.

The vast majority of people we deal with do not "know everything".  Most of the people we deal with like Jon, Dorothy and Karen are very nice people and I am glad that we can help them.  Here is what Diane had to say :

This is day 8 of a tongue so painful that I have been talking like I have a hairlip.  Singing in church Sunday was an outstanding experience for all seated around me. HA!

I will start taking these supplements in these amounts today...

Thanks for all your help, I have enjoyed your book.                        


God Bless You,            



A week later I got this one from her:

Things are much better, I have been taking vitamins just about every day...  

I have been super cautious about my diet simply because I DO NOT want my tongue to hurt that bad again, but the vitamin therapy seems to help a lot.  THANK YOU!

Another good thing is my son does not nurse as often as he used to (every two hours) I think the added vitamins are making my milk quality better, so he is not hungry as often, so I am going to give you the credit for that as well.

Thanks for checking on me, keep in touch !                   

God Bless



To me, it is worth the risk of running in to an occasional "know it all" in order to be able to help so many people and make so many new friends.

Once again I really do enjoy hearing from everyone. Just drop me a note and I will respond and try to help you any way I can.


What Price Tag Would You Put On Your Health?

How great would it be to get your healthy tongue back?  Stop...Think about it for a moment. What difference would it make in your life? Would you feel free from the nagging feeling that is haunting you?

What price would you pay? Would you Pay $500 for a healthy tongue? If you have visited a doctor lately you probably already have!

If you visit your doctor, he will probably charge you about $85 for a single office visit and then he might prescribe hundred's of dollars worth of tests...

...and unfortunately after he was finished he would probably tell you that he couldn't find anything wrong. But not wanting you to leave empty handed... he might prescribe some antibiotics, antifungals, steroids, nasty tasting salves, etc. And that's not taking into consideration the hours of your precious time you would have wasted. How much is a day of your time worth? At least $100?

So, How much have you already spent for only 1 visit?

Their Way:

Doctor's Visit $85
Lab Work and Tests $300
Worthless Prescriptions $50
Lost Wages $100

Total Cost $535


That's a lot of time, money, and aggravation wasted for no solution!

And No Guarantee of Success!

Plus it's even worse! Geographic Tongue is actually an indicator that your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs, so you aren't as healthy as you should be! So if you "paint over" the problem with steroids, you still haven't gotten to the root of the problem!

  • Do you have as much energy as you think you should?
  • Do you feel at the peak of health?
  • Or do you feel tired and run down?

Do you remember how good you felt when you were younger, how much energy you had, perhaps back when you were in High School?  Often people like you don't even know how good they can feel! They have gotten used to not having energy and chalk it up to "old age" or too much work, or...


If you provide your body with the building blocks it needs to repair itself, your Geographic Tongue will go away and you will have all the energy you could want!

You don't have to deprive your body a day longer, you can start restoring your Tongue to Health today!

You can Root out the problems that are lurking in your body sending signals to your tongue and eliminate them NOW. Before they get worse!

Since Healthy Tongue Secrets is in electronic format you can down load it to your computer today just like Charlene.  Here is what she had to say.


                                        May 21, 2005

Dear Tim,

Thank you for saving me...YES, saving me. Without your hard work and
e-book I'm not sure the condition I would be in today.

       I have suffered geographical tongue for perhaps two years. My doctor said, "You picked the wrong parents, it's nothing to worry about, it's painless." Sound familiar? I tried to forget it but it became increasingly harder to do.

      I searched the internet for info and gathered bits and pieces but nothing concrete. I had all but given up when I tried, years later, to search the internet again. I wasn't hopeful because I had looked before. But this time I found your site...the site that would change my life in more ways than one.

      After purchasing and reading your e-book I have to admit I was confused as to where to start with such a wealth of information. I made a plan to start with the basics by starting with the vitamins you recommended. I didn't run out and buy the most expensive vitamins either. I bought generics thinking I could work my way up from there as need be.

      In eight days I am totally changed!! By the fourth day I had reversed all my symptoms including that horrible depression my doctor said was menopause. It wasnít menopause at all!

     I thought I was losing my mind and to make matters worse I was battling an extreme bout with GT.

      I am a changed person and I owe it all to you. What a difference youíve made in my life. I want you to know that I am SO happy to have found your site.

      I am sending a before and after shot of my tongue. I wish I had taken a shot a day or two before I took this one on the 12th of May. It doesnít look too terribly bad but it was.


Charlene Before

Charlene After

May 12, 2005

May 21, 2005

      I was impressed, before buying your e-book, that you offered a money back guarantee. I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. With that you gained my trust. I HAD to trust somebody and my doctor was obviously not the right choice.

      There is so much information in your e-book...I am still reading it. Thanks again Tim. Words cannot express my gratitude. One by one you are enriching lives that desperately need your help!

  Best Wishes,
Charlene Ashley
St. Petersburg, Florida



In fact you can be on the road to a healthy tongue in just minutes! Just like Charlene!


But there's even more...


If you order today:

In addition to getting the complete "Healthy Tongue Secrets" system,

You will also get the following  9  Bonuses worth Over $324.95!


Bonus # 1 

Traditional Chinese medicine has used the tongue as an indicator of health for thousands of years perhaps they know something we don't?


Ancient Tongue Secrets:
From Traditional Chinese Medicine

Millions of people look to Traditional Chinese Medicine for healing and diagnosis.

Do you know what the color of your tongue, its size and shape, and the color and thickness of its coating are saying about your health?

This report documents some miraculous results  achieved through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practitioners believe that the tongue is the beginning of the digestive system and the only visible digestive organ. They have spent thousands of years perfecting the art of determining total body health (and especially digestive health) from the look, shape, color, texture and coating of the tongue. This revealing report will open your eyes to a new way of looking at your tongue.

Value $5.00


Bonus # 2:

Everyone has some yeast in their system! So even if you don't think Yeast is your problem you need to read this special report! Conquering Yeast and restoring the proper "good bacteria" is a key step in returning your system to health!

YeastYeast- The Mutant Destroyer
How to Fight Back and Win 
By Sheila Shea

We think of yeast as the friendly stuff that helps our bread to rise and provides B-Vitamins. But did you know that it can mutate into a monstrous parasite with tendrils that dig deep into mucous membranes like your intestines, genitals and tongue? Kind of like an almost microscopic Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde?

In this excellent report, Ms. Shea shows how yeast mutates and infects our tongues and digestive systems causing all kinds of problems. She shows how Candida (yeast) actually eats intestinal tissue, causing irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. Perhaps, you have vaginal yeast infections, sinus headaches, histamine allergic reactions, mold allergies, Fibromyalgia, or thrush white tongue? If so you need to get rid of these mutants immediately.

Candida can also weaken your immune system and cause or make other problems (including Tongue problems and other "mystery diseases") worse. Have you taken antibiotics? If so, it can cause Yeast to get out of control and become devastating and extremely hard to get rid of.

Fortunately, Ms. Shea has compiled many resources to show you the way to eliminate these problems. This report is priceless for those suffering from Yeast problems or for those whose tongue problems are being complicated by Yeast. This wonderful in-depth report also includes dozens of more links to valuable resources and products to help you cure your yeast problems.

Value $25.00


Bonus # 3:

Plus there's more, in addition to Vitamins... Mineral Salts play a key role in our overall health but have you ever heard of them?

Cure Yourself with Homeopathic Mineral Salts
by Winston Saga

There are 12 key mineral salts that have been found to relate to certain health issues. Everyone has heard of Potassium and Magnesium. But did you know that there are actually three types of Potassium? Potassium Chloride, Potassium Sulphate,  and Potassium Phosphate and each one serves a different purpose in the body? Did you know that a deficiency of Potassium Sulfate can cause a yellow coating on the tongue?

Simply by balancing all 12 of these key minerals many people have achieved a return to optimal health. In this special report you will learn what the symptoms of Mineral Salt deficiencies are and what you can do about it!

Value $5.00


Bonus # 4:

But that's not all...

Yeast and FibromyalgiaYeast Overgrowth and Fibromyalgia: Is There a Connection?
by Miryam Williamson

Includes a great list of yeast overgrowth symptoms plus some of the correlations with Fibromyalgia. Also includes some excellent Yeast resources.

Value $5.00



Bonus # 5:

Do you have a strange Sour, Bitter or Metallic taste in your mouth? Or perhaps you have Dry Mouth, Burning Mouth Syndrome or Hairy Tongue? If you have tongue problems you might have other problems as well, this is a great resource with many more links to money saving products that can help you resolve all kinds of mouth and tongue problems. This is a great addition that will save you a lot of aggravation and money!

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones and other Mouth problems
By Dr. Harold Katz

This great resource includes a wealth of information on

  • How to Prevent Tonsil Stones (those white globs that come off your tonsils)
  • Sour, Bitter, and Metallic Taste
  • Canker Sores
  • Dry Mouth, Hairy Tongue and Burning Mouth Syndrome
  • Bleeding Gums Can Kill You
  • Why Tongue Scraping is not enough
  • Ozone: Natureís Sterilizer and Antioxidant
  • More Resources

In addition to all of the above, this excellent report also includes coupons to allow you to save hundreds of dollars on Oral Hygiene supplies.

Value $150+

Often people with tongue or mouth problems also have a problem with Bad Breath! The commercials about the cause of bad breath are all wrong!  Dr. Katz specializes in Breath problems and he will show you the real cause and a fast simple solution! And surprisingly these solutions are very soothing to the tongue and also help eliminate tongue problems!


Bonus Number 6:


Bad Breath BibleThe Bad Breath Bible

By Dr. Harold Katz

Bad Breath is probably the most misunderstood health condition in the world today. It is often misdiagnosed as stomach problems or poor oral hygiene or worse. Did you know that bad breath is actually related to your tongue? The information in The Bad Breath Bible is the most complete treatment of this subject availableIt is the ultimate resource on the causes of Bad Breath and the health problems associated with it. This is the perfect companion to Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed.

Value $9.95


Bonus # 7:

The "Healthy Tongue Secrets" System plus the above reports are easily worth the price we are asking but that is not all... you also get some great information on how to live a very Long healthy happy life.


Methuselahís Secret:
The Key to Health and Long Life

By Tim McMahon

Do you want to live a Long and Healthy Life? The key word here is healthy! This book reveals the common element that is the key to living a happy healthy life, totally disease free!

Methuselah is the oldest recorded living person, he died at the ripe old age of 969! Impossible? Maybe not! Do you know why Methuselah lived so long? Would you like to know his secret to longevity?

This book contains a unique perspective that might just hold the key to why Methuselah was the oldest man to ever live. It also contains a fascinating account of how the Germ theory came about and some of the details that might be missing from modern medicine. In addition, by reading this you might just learn how you can use Methuselah's Secret to create a longer healthier life for yourself (and in the process eliminate your tongue problems).

Value $15.00

Bonus # 8:

The Geographic Tongue Update Report

 Things change, new information is appearing every day so I have compiled a brief report on some amazing new discoveries I have made since the Healthy Tongue Secrets book was written. Like I said before, I have become obsessed with Geographic Tongue and other tongue problems and so I am constantly finding new information and interesting research that is being done on tongue problems. I have compiled a few important facts that you absolutely need to know into this brief report.

Value $5.00

Bonus # 9:

Personal Attention to Your Questions

I am not a Doctor and can not give medical advice, but as a purchaser of this book you have the right to send me two questions and I will do my best to answer them. I will try to help you and share my experience with you personally, all you have to do is ask. Perhaps you have a question or an issue that I didn't cover fully enough in the book or you want some clarification on well now you have a way to get that information.

This alone is worth the price of the book. Normally, I won't accept a consulting job for less than $50-$100 per hour and research would cost you more than that, but as a special bonus for my loyal readers I am offering this opportunity.

But I'm not sure how long I can continue to make this offer. After all, I can only answer so many questions personally, if too many people take me up on this offer I will have to remove this bonus... so act now while this is still available.

Value $100.00


Why have we given you so much for so little cost? Because we wanted to give you so much value for you money that you would be crazy to refuse to try our Risk Free system.

The Total Value of all the bonuses alone is Over $324.95!

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So donít decide now. Decide after youíve read the book and put the secret of a healthy tongue to the test on your tongue.

So now you might be wondering,

Okay Tim, How Much Is Healthy Tongue Secrets?

Actually, compared with what you get, itís a lot less than youíd expect. Remember, I spent a year and a half and literally hundreds (probably more) of hours researching and compiling this data! If you hire a professional researcher to find this information for you he will charge you at least $50 an hour!

Two Hundred hours of research will cost you $10,000! 

Remember A doctor's visit will cost you about $535!

But you donít have to pay that much.

You donít even have to pay $500 $400, $300 or even $100.

Our price for this valuable life changing information is



(less than the cost of those worthless prescriptions), so everyone can afford it!

If you can afford dinner at McDonalds and a movie for two you can afford this book. (And McDonalds and a Movie won't change your life!)

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Why so low? Simple. I donít want price to be an issue here. I truly believe in sharing my knowledge and trying to help everyone find the solution to their tongue problem. I believe thatís the way to do it. Thatís why I priced it so low. So money wouldnít be an issue. Besides, if you donít like it for any reason youíll get every penny back.

However, I might change my mind about the price and the personal assistance bonus. If I do the price shoots up considerably. So donít wait. Donít fool around.

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Tim McMahon
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P.S. Yes, you get the full size 129 page Healthy  Tongue Secrets book which includes the Secret for creating a healthy tongue plus my proprietary V.I.G.O.R. system, plus the 8 bonus books plus you get Me!

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P.P.S. How many Thank You Letters have You written to Strangers?

Of course, I've written lots of thank you letters to friends and family but, if you are like me you probably haven't written many of them to strangers. So that is why, I really get a kick out of getting these letters, because  I know how happy someone must have been to actually sit down and take some of their precious time to write me.

It really makes my day to get these letters and I would love to hear from you too. So, make a mental note, once your tongue problem is resolved, you will take a moment and drop me a note, too.  I would really appreciate it! I can't wait to hear that my system has helped you resolve your tongue problem too.

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Dear Tim,

I have read the section now on geographic tongue and have a lot more knowledge on it...I was so scared it was something very serious, ... you have a great book here!

Thank you,

Nicole L. Whitmore


Dear Tim,

Thank you so much! The material looks great! I am excited to start reading!

Mary Wright, Mississippi



You're receiving the Secret to the Healthy Tongue of your Dreams

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