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Where Do I Start?

Tim, I read your book already could not put it down. Just to give you some history of myself. I am a 48 year old Canadian male not over weight and a non-smoker in what i thought was above average health. About 10 months ago during a routine dental exam my dentist informed me that […]

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Tongue Problem in Canada

Three years ago I noticed a small smooth area on the side of my tongue.  My dentist, oral surgeon, GP and dermatologist had no idea what it was except to say it wasn’t cancer.   I actually diagnosed myself by going on the internet.  When finally my Ear, Nose and Throat specialist told me I had geographic […]

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Geographic Tongue: What is it?

Geographic tongue has many stages, the first stage is a fairly mild form of geographic tongue where there is only a slight loss of “taste buds” along the edges (actually Papillae). As you can see from the first photo (if you look closely) there is only a slight smooth patch along the front edge of this […]

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