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There Is Hope for Your Tongue Problem!

Dear Tongue Sufferer, You’re stuck! You’ve visited doctor after doctor (or website after website) and they all say the same thing… your tongue problems are no problem.  They’re benign… nothing serious… nothing to worry about… no treatment is necessary. So why are you still looking? Because you know deep down inside that “they” are WRONG! […]

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Geographic Tongue in Toddlers and Children

Geographic Tongue_in Boy

By Tim McMahon If your child has developed bald patches or a “map-like” appearance on their tongue you have probably already heard the diagnosis Geographic Tongue. If you’ve taken your son or daughter to the pediatrician or doctor… you may have heard,   “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do.” Most Doctors will also tell […]

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In Eight Days I am Totally Changed!!!

  Dear Tim, Thank you for saving me…YES, saving me. Without your hard work and e-book I’m not sure the condition I would be in today.       I have suffered geographical tongue for perhaps two years. My doctor said, “You picked the wrong parents, it’s nothing to worry about, it’s painless.” Sound familiar? I tried […]

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At Last! A Solution for Geographic Tongue Without Pain, Embarrassment, or Doctors

By Tim McMahon Geographic Tongue is a disorder that causes bare patches on the tongue surrounded by white rings. Doctors commonly consider it to be “benign” meaning not life threatening and not extremely serious. In addition they commonly report that “no treatment is necessary”. Based on my research, this is an extremely short sighted and […]

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Where Do I Start?

Tim, I read your book already could not put it down. Just to give you some history of myself. I am a 48 year old Canadian male not over weight and a non-smoker in what i thought was above average health. About 10 months ago during a routine dental exam my dentist informed me that […]

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Thrush Tongue

By Tim McMahon Thrush is a condition of the tongue that is quite common in babies but often affects adults as well. Thrush is simply an overgrowth of “Candida Albicans” which looks like white fur.  Candida is a strain of yeast that thrives in dark moist places, especially in warm human bodies, although it can […]

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Natural Geographic Tongue Treatment Video

At Healthy Tongue Secrets we are dedicated to finding Natural treatments for Geographic Tongue. Geographic tongue is a condition where the tongue develops patches on the surface. These patches can be either bald (denuded) or have white rings around them.  Many “experts” will tell you,  “Geographic tongue is a common tongue problem that normally responds to […]

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