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Get Rid of Cold Sores – Are You Really Serious?

By Dr. Edward Barnes

Are you really serious about getting rid of cold sores? Then you should definitely read this article. Most of the cold sore sufferers simply restrict themselves to the prescription medications without getting into reality.

The cold sore is a viral outbreak otherwise known as fever blisters. It is caused by herpes simplex type 1 virus. Though it is not a deadly disease but it may lead to high risk problems like Alzheimer’s disease. I was deeply hurt by reading the ABC news that a 10 day old child died of herpes simplex virus.

Going through such case studies, I doubt that are we really serious about getting rid of cold sores? If so, you need to attack the herpes simplex virus from the root. That means you need to know the reason, what triggers, what foods to avoid and preventive measures.

The medical research studies point out that Arginine intake should be decreased. Though Arginine is an essential amino acid, it is believed to trigger cold sore outbreaks. So the foods containing arginine such as nuts and chocolate should be totally avoided. Quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol will rapidly suppress and help you to get rid of cold sores.

Good personal hygiene such as washing hands will help you a lot. Don’t pick the fever blister. If done, wash your hands immediately. Sharing utensils and cups will definitely spread the herpes virus. Physical contact such as kissing and sex should be totally avoided. As there is no vaccine for cold sores, you need to follow the preventive measures very strictly.

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