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Geographic Tongue in Toddlers and Children

Geographic Tongue_in Boy

By Tim McMahon

Geographic Tongue Toddler

If your child has developed bald patches or a “map-like” appearance on their tongue you have probably already heard the diagnosis Geographic Tongue.

If you’ve taken your son or daughter to the pediatrician or doctor…

you may have heard,


“I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do.”

Most Doctors will also tell you that it is nothing to worry about.


“It’s not serious…”    “They will probably out grow it…”

Blah, Blah, Blah.

As a concerned parent I hope you don’t believe that.

Doctors also say that it isn’t painful, but if you ask your child…  many children will tell you otherwise,  and if they aren’t old enough to tell you, they might show you by refusing to eat, drink or brush their teeth. I’ve had many parents tell me their toddler just sticks out their tongue and points to it or says “Owie”.

So if Doctors don’t even know if it is painful or not why should you believe them about the rest?

I’m here to tell you,

  1. Yes, it is serious (not life threatening but important),
  2. Something is definately wrong here (Duh! I’ll bet you already knew that)
  3. and Yes there is something you can do!

But first a little backround…

Research indicates that approximately two percent of the world’s population suffers from Geographic Tongue. But in some areas of the world as many as 14% of the children suffer from Geographic Tongue.

Geographic tongue in children and toddlers generally starts around the age of two or three but has been seen in children even younger.

I have found two primary types.

Type One

The first type of Geographic Tongue is related to a lack of one or more key vitamins and/or minerals. Often as children start eating on their own they are “picky eaters” or at least avoid certain foods with strong flavors or just new things. Sometimes “strong flavored foods” contain the key vitamin and so children aren’t getting all the nutrition they need.  Conventional wisdom says that if children are given a wide variety of foods to choose from they will eventually balance their own diets.

Perhaps at one time this was true when all the foods were healthy and full of vitamins but it certainly doesn’t work that way anymore.  Ask any Mom and she will say, “Given the choice today most kids will live on candy and ice cream, the more sugar the better, the emptier the calories the more they like them.” And recent studies with mice have shown that sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine.

Did you know?

  • A Recent USDA study showed that only 4% of Americans are getting the minimum recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of their essential vitamins?
  • Another US Government survey found that out of 21,000 people surveyed, NOT ONE of them managed to eat the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of the ten basic nutrients studied. (It’s hard to believe not one out of 21,000, so what are the odds that your child is getting what they need?)
  • On any given day, 91% of Americans don’t eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Because of soil depletion, chemicals, genetic modification, etc. the food you eat doesn’t have the nutritional value your grandparents got from eating the same food. (For instance, incredible as it seems… today you would have to eat 60 servings of spinach to get the same amount of iron as in one serving of spinach in 1948!)
  • 65% of Americans don’t get the minimum daily requirement of Zinc!

So it is important to be able to get your children the nutrition they need to keep their tongues healthy.


It’s very hard for me to hear things like:

“My 3 year old son has geographic tongue and I am trying to get rid of it for him so he will start eating again… he eats less than an 80 year old with cancer!!  It bothers him so bad!!”


“I’m from Philippines … My daughter seems has a geographic tongue. It started when she was one year old. She is two years old now …”

After writing a 188 page book on all sorts of tongue problems, I started  getting theses types of emails all the time. Which is why I have put together a smaller low cost book specifically designed to help parents eliminate Geographic Tongue in their children.

The good news is…

Children often “outgrow” Geographic Tongue primarily because they stop being picky eaters and start getting all the nutrients they need from their diet.

The bad news is…

They shouldn’t have to suffer in the mean time. If your child’s  geographic tongue is due to a nutritional deficiency it can be stunting their physical and mental development and you shouldn’t wait hoping it will go away.

And this is why I say, Yes it IS serious.

One desperate grandmother found that our nutritional approach worked amazingly fast:

Hi Tim,

I have meant to email you for ages to let you know the success we have had in curing my 5 year old grand-daughter’s geographical tongue.  She had it for 2 years, and last February she simply could not eat her dinner one night as her tongue was so sore.  I tried the internet to help my daughter a few years ago as she had it too, but with no success.  However  this time when I looked I found your advert and immediately downloaded the book, although I must admit I had reservations about it helping, but I was desperate because a child had it…  and it worked in 2 days. 

Thank you very much for your help.


Note: Two days is not typical especially in adults. It usually takes at least a week and sometimes longer to see results. But children have amazing recuperative powers. In this case the child was not ill or having difficulty absorbing the vitamins she simply wasn’t getting what she needed. Once she was given the proper building blocks her body went to town resolving the issue.

Type Two

The second type of Geographic Tongue may be even worse because it is much more difficult to locate. It is the result of  one of many chemical irritants, a natural irritant or food allergy. These will not go away until you eliminate the cause. Chemical irritants often affect children whose immune systems are compromised in some way…

Like Jasmine from New Zealand.

At the age of two, Jasmine caught a case of hand, foot and mouth disease. Although Jasmine lives in sheep country, doctors are convinced that hand, foot and mouth disease (which primarily affects toddlers like Jasmine younger than five) is caused by an entirely different virus than hoof and mouth disease that affects sheep and cattle. After that she became susceptible to chemical iritants and her tongue was very painful even after the virus was eliminated.

But after reading my information this is what her dad Sam had to say…

 “within a week her tongue is completely healed. I am amazed and wish I’d had a diagnosis sooner… the initial results are out of this world, I just wish I had photographed it to show the change. She’s a very different little girl now, there are no tears or arguments when it comes to teeth brushing now!!”  


But your child does not have to suffer from a terrible virus like Hand, Foot and Mouth in order to be affected by chemical irritants, sometimes it is something as simple as an allergy.

Yes You Can help your Child

I know that as a Mom of a child with Geographic Tongue you don’t have a lot of spare time so I streamlined my big encyclopedic book on Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue to include exactly what you need to know to help your child eliminate their Geographic Tongue problem.


It’s called, The Mommies’ Guide to Eliminating Geographic Tongue in Toddlers and Children.

In it we look at what has worked in treating my own Geographic Tongue and what hashelped thousands of others to eliminate their Geographic Tongue as well. It also covers several cases of childhood geographic tongue including Jasmine (age 3 ½, New Zealand) and Ethan (age 3, West Virginia) both mentioned above.

We also look at Sylvia’s daughter Christine (pictured on the cover) who took 3 weeks to get “98% back to normal”, and we will take an in depth look at Grandma Christine’s “magic elixir” whose 5 year old grandaughter’s  Geographic Tongue went away in only two days. Grandma Christine discovered this after reading one of my other books primarily directed at adults. But because this book is designed specifically for babies, toddlers and children there is no guessing on your part.

The Mommies’ Guide to Eliminating Geographic Tongue  specifically looks at the causes of Geographic Tongue in children and examines the ingredients in Grandma Christine’s magic elixir so you can replicate these miraculous results even if this elixir isn’t available to you locally. This book, will help put your mind at ease knowing that you are doing everything in your power to help your child through this difficult problem.

I know that money can be tight for new parents so I wanted to make sure price was not an issue so I’ve priced it much lower than my previous book. Instead of paying $39.95 you can get all the information you need to help your child for only $9.95. And you still get my unconditional 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

The book is available in eBook format so you can download it immediately and it is also available in Kindle format if you have a Kindle.

Click Here to instantly download the  PDF “e-Book” version .


You can Buy the Kindle edition from Amazon for $9.95 ..

Comments from Parents featured in the Mommies’ Guide based on reading my previous book for Adults “Healthy Tongue Secrets”: 

Hi Tim,

Geographic Tongue in ToddlersMy daughter is 98 % back to normal…  It took 3 weeks for her tongue to improve. At first it kept getting worse and I felt like giving up. Thank you very much. Your book and advice was the answer to my prayers. Thank you! Her geographic tongue is no longer!




boy with geographic tongueI am a single mother of 2 and my little boy (Ethan) who is 3, was diagnosed with Geographic Tongue in June.

His tongue was getting so bad he wouldn’t eat for days and would hardly drink.  I want to thank Tim for being so wonderful and helpful and as long as I follow the book Ethan is symptom free!!!!   Thank you so  much Tim for caring enough for people to help. You have made a world of difference in my life and Ethan’s and if he was old enough to understand he would  Thank you too!!! 

Thanks again and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christi and Ethan

Saint Albans, WV

 And now “The Mommies Guide to Eliminating Geographic Tongue in Toddlers and Children” can help you get the same results for your child even faster.

Click Here to instantly download the  PDF “e-Book” version .

Editorial Reviews

Product DescriptionBuy from Amazon

If your child has developed bald patches or a “map-like” appearance on their tongue this is the book for you. In this ground breaking book, Tim McMahon examines the evidence and shows what has worked in treating his own Geographic Tongue and how he has helped thousands of others to eliminate their Geographic Tongue as well. The book examines several cases of childhood geographic tongue. Including Ethan (age 3, West Virginia) who took almost a month to resolve. Sylvia’s daughter Christine (pictured on the cover) took 3 weeks to get “98% back to normal”, Jasmine (age 3 ½, New Zealand) took less than 1 week and a 5 year old girl from the UK whose Geographic Tongue went away in only two days using an off the shelf “magic elixir” discovered by her Grandmother after reading one of the author’s other books. This book examines it’s ingredients so you can replicate these miraculous results even if this elixir isn’t available to you locally. In this book, Tim McMahon not only helps to alleviate your fears but gives detailed advice on how to eliminate Geographic Tongue in your child.

Click Here to instantly download the  PDF “e-Book” version .

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    I am looking for info on treating Geographic Tongue in Adults. Yes but the error notice said I did give a correct email address, so I corrected it.

    • Tim McMahon says:


      My book treating and Beating Geographic Tongue does cover both Adults and Children. My book Geographic Tongue – The Mommies’ Guide only covers children

  • Mrs Tan says:

    Im from singapore. Would like to purchase this book. How do i get this book? Thanks

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    Informative about Geographic younger and my son 2yrs old having patches on toung since 3months now he is not taking food properly previously he use to take spice, sweet, food etc .by reading this I am relaxed & thanku

  • Chava says:

    My 6 month old son has had geographic tongue since he was a few weeks old. The entire back half of his tongue is smooth and red almost all the time. Since he’s not really eating real food yet, how can I help him heal his geographic tongue? Do I need to make the recommended changes to my own diet since he’s breastfed? Do I make the changes for children or for adults?

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