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What is a Geographic Tongue? [Video Transcript]

See the “What is a Geographic Tongue?” video here.

This is Tim McMahon, when he was in his 20’s, he developed an intestinal problem called Crohn’s  disease. It got so bad that he couldn’t eat because of the pain. Needless to say, he lost a lot of weight. He went from a healthy athletic 130 pounds down to a scrawny emaciated 95 pounds.

And to make matters worse, his tongue started developing strange bald patches called Geographic  Tongue.

The Crohn’s disease got so bad, Tim had to have surgery, and his doctor removed a third of Tim’s intestines. While in the hospital, Tim insisted on the yellow vitamin fortified I.V. solution rather than the ordinary clear “sugar water”.

And his doctor was amazed, because, Tim  healed faster than all his other patients.

Amazingly, Tim’s geographic tongue went away as well.

But after a while the bald patches with white rings on Tim’s tongue returned.

Tim spoke with several doctors but none of them knew what to do.

Finally when one doctor saw the rings, he said “We removed the only portion of your intestines where certain vitamins are absorbed, so you need vitamin injections”. When Tim got a vitamin shot his tongue got better.

Tim learned to give himself the shots and voilà  no more Geographic Tongue. (Unless he gets forgets to take his vitamins.)


Tim met Allison. She had fibromyalgia, which caused her pain when she ate as well, so she lost weight and then she developed Geographic Tongue. So Tim created a report for Allison on treating geographic tongue. He gave her pages and pages of helpful information and she was thrilled.

Tim enjoyed helping people, so he spent the next two years, searching for more clues about tongue problems.

And finally he emerged with a whole encyclopedia of solutions for tongue problems.

One of the things Tim discovered was a nutritional plan designed by Dr. Ackerman.

Dr. Ackerman’s plan has helped many people with Geographic Tongue.

Tim’s next step was to get his information out to as many people suffering with nasty tongue problems as possible.

Some of those people like Christine wrote back, saying things like “ it only took 3 weeks for my 3 year old daughter  Sylvia to start getting better once we started following the suggestions in your book”.

A college student named Jon said he had Geographic tongue since he was 8 and he had tried everything. He figured he was stuck with his nasty tongue for the rest of his life. But a month after reading Tim’s encyclopedia his tongue was looking much better too.

Karen developed geographic tongue while pregnant. She should win a prize for the fastest “turn around”. She said her Geographic Tongue started clearing up in only two days.

Charlene was literally bubbling with joy after following the suggestions … she said,

“In eight days I am totally changed!! By the fourth day I had reversed all my symptoms including that horrible depression my doctor said was menopause.”

Recently Doctor Robert J. Rowen, MD said

Disease has three fundamental causes:

  1. poor nutrition,
  2.  toxins, and
  3. stress.

From the reports Tim has gotten, that certainly holds true for tongue problems. Nutrition wasn’t the only solution… sometimes toxins or stress caused tongue problems as well.

So Tim continued to collect the secrets that have helped all these people and he added them to his Tongue Encyclopedia. The newest version includes information on Geographic Tongue, Tongue Fissures, Black Hairy Tongue, Pigmented Tongue and much more.

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