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What is “Beefy Tongue” and How Do You Get Rid of It?

Beefy tongue is a condition where the tongue enlarges and “feels too big for your mouth”. It can be associated with hypothyroidism i.e. a condition where the thyroid doesn’t produce enough thyroxin.

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What is a Geographic Tongue? [Video Transcript]

See the “What is a Geographic Tongue?” video here. This is Tim McMahon, when he was in his 20’s, he developed an intestinal problem called Crohn’s  disease. It got so bad that he couldn’t eat because of the pain. Needless to say, he lost a lot of weight. He went from a healthy athletic 130 […]

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Gluten Intolerance and Geographic Tongue

Gluten Intolerance

Gluten is a sticky substance that is part of wheat that helps hold bread together. Unfortunately, many people are sensitive to it. If you have this sensitivity it is called Celiac Disease (or Sprue) and eating gluten or wheat, (and to a lesser extent Rye and other grains) can cause stomach pain and actually damage your intestines. Although not commonly associated with Geographic Tongue, there is some evidence that a sensitivity to gluten might play a part in your tongue problems.

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Treating Geographic Tongue – Steroids are not the Answer!

Steroids on Tongue

No Steroids! Many “experts” will tell you,  “Geographic tongue is a common tongue problem that normally responds to topical steroids” they often add “antifungal and antibacterial medications may be used for symptomatic cases and topical or systemic cortisone or prednisone may also be effective”. In other words, spread some steroid paste on your tongue and […]

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Is There a Cure for Geographic Tongue?

Geographic Tongue

Nope!  At least that is what the Doctors say! Ask any doctor… and he will tell you that there is no cure for Geographic Tongue. Then he will hasten to add that it is “Benign”… meaning it won’t kill you. But that’s little consolation if it’s your tongue that is an ugly mass of bald patches, white rings, […]

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Healthy Tongue Secrets Video #2

Leona’s Solution to Geographic Tongue “Full Screen” just click  the four arrow icon in the lower right corner when the video comes up to view it in full screen.  To get your copy of Healthy Tongue Secrets e-Book go to: How to Order Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue and Other Tongue Problems Click Here  If […]

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There Is Hope for Your Tongue Problem!

Dear Tongue Sufferer, You’re stuck! You’ve visited doctor after doctor (or website after website) and they all say the same thing… your tongue problems are no problem.  They’re benign… nothing serious… nothing to worry about… no treatment is necessary. So why are you still looking? Because you know deep down inside that “they” are WRONG! […]

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Welcome to Healthy Tongue Secrets!

   Do you hate the sight of your tongue?   Are you afraid of what others will think if they see your tongue?   Is your tongue getting worse? Or just not getting better?   Have you ever wondered if your Tongue is trying to tell you something?   Perhaps… You have a feeling that something just “isn’t right” with your tongue?    Or Maybe you are just […]

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