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Geographic Tongue in Menopause


2007-02 SF for Menopause 1Life is all about transitions.  When we were younger the transitions came faster… the transition from living in a nice warm protected womb to the harsh daylight was a traumatic and difficult process not only for our mothers but for us as well.  But that was just the beginning, along the way there were more transitions… from home to elementary school… Elementary school to Jr. High and then High School and on to College or the work force, marriage, our first house, moves, job changes, retirement… the list goes on and on. And menopause is just another one of those changes.

It is not just a change in location like a new house or a new school, this is a change within yourself a much more personal change.  For some it is a welcome change for others it has a tinge of regret.  Whatever the emotional implications it has physical implications as well.

Throughout this “change of life” your hormone levels will change and since hormones regulate our bodies this will affect all sorts of things. Aside from the obvious changes these changes may also include, in many cases, the status of our tongues.  At Healthy Tongue Secrets we believe that our tongues are indicators of our overall health and that the best way to improve our tongues is to improve our health, reduce stress and get the proper nutrients we need to eliminate our Geographic Tongues.

Our bodies are amazing things and when they are given the proper building blocks they will rebuild themselves starting with the most urgent needs and working down to less critical things like hair, nails, and even tongues.   The converse is also true if we don’t supply our body everything it needs in the way of nutrition or if our nutritional needs jump up due to stress, trauma, or bodily changes your body will prioritize the way it uses the resources it has and put it first toward things like breathing and blood and brain and neglect things that we can survive without like hair, nails and taste.

When you reach menopause you body needs to adjust and once again priortizes where the resources will go and often your tongue will get the short end of the deal. Here is what one woman wrote…

Dear Tim,

My daughter happened upon your website and this amazing info.  I have somewhat of a different problem though.  I am a 56 year old female and have already gone through menopause about 15 years ago.  My dentist did tell me that I too have a Geographic Tongue, but that it isn’t too bad.  Actually my real problem causing my pain isn’t exactly my tongue, but the whole insides of my mouth.  The only way I can describe it, is that it is likened to someone having sandpapered the whole inside of my mouth and it is raw and sometimes bleeding.  I also have really bad dry mouth.

In her case, she developed not only Geographic Tongue but also something called burning mouth syndrome and the related symptom of insufficient saliva production resulting in “dry mouth”.  Often I get letters from the older readers of my first book Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed  wanting to learn more about problems with burning mouth, related to teeth and dentures or possibly candida (yeast) in addition to just geographic tongue. Some research also indicates that a decrease in estrogen levels can be one of the possible causes of burning tongue or burning mouth syndrome.

Dorothy, a retired school teacher in Scotland wrote…

 Hi Timothy

I am in pain with sore red cracked tongue and thought I was so lucky today when I located your site…

And in a later note she said,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all your continued support … your book is absolutely fantastic and a serious award winning piece of work.

Well done in producing this excellent resource for the world! It is pure genius in how it encompasses every tiny aspect of the highly complex tongue and its complexities.

Each and every physician ought to study your manuscript before practicing his/her profession.

Even my husband remarked that I was “more settled today.”

I promise not to take up any more of your time and am truly grateful for the time you have so freely and kindly given to me.
I wish you continued success.


Dorothy Chalmers

Here is a note I got from Rich and although he isn’t suffering from menopause his note does a good job of summing up the best ways of dealing with the “side effects” of menopause so I thought I’d pass it on.

Dear Tim:

I recently read a book by Kevin Trudeau “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”.  It is an exceptional book.  In it, he talks about almost all of the same health issues that you do (cleanses, nutrient deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies).  One of his main themes is to find the cause of the illness, and not to simply suppress the symptom with drugs…

I also find it ironic that you call your book “Healthy Tongue Secrets”.  It really is a secret if you think about it.  The doctors and dentists (or experts) that we rely on for health issues are clueless about nutrition and deficiencies.  Since they can’t give me a drug, or cut out my tongue, all they can say is that it’s no big deal.  What nonsense!

Anyhow, this is day 3 since I started reading your book, and my tongue is about 90% better.



In summing up I would like to include a quote I wrote to a young friend who was complaining about the changes on “Facebook”  and interestingly those same words are appropriate here as you contemplate the changes your body is going through.


By Tim McMahon

The only thing Constant in Life is change.

Those who adapt quickest thrive…

Those who adapt slowly survive…

Those who don’t atapt at all…

are relegated to the lowest levels of existence…

Poverty and misery.

The key to success is to adapt quickly…

it will put you at the head of the pack.

So as your body changes and you are dealing with the effects of menopause, you need to adapt and actively seek the building blocks to health, better digestion, and nutrition.  It is not always easy learning how to tackle these changes but it will be worth it in the long run.

In my newest book, Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue and other Tongue Problems I cover not only Geographic tongue but also Burning Mouth Syndrome and a variety of other Tongue Problems.

Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue and Other Tongue Problems

You don’t want to wait a second longer than necessary to get that healthy tongue, do you?

So, when you order the “Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue and Other Tongue Problems” e-book you’ll be able to download it instantly and as a bonus in a few minutes we will email you our Doctor recommended Vitamin program specifically targeted to patients with Geographic Tongue. That means you can begin seeing a healthier tongue in as little as 7 to 10 days. I really don’t need to give you a big sales pitch. If your tongue is a mess you need this book.


Here is what Karen says,

Hi Tim,

I just read the table of contents of your book. WOW. I had no idea that you covered so much. I had so many of the problems.

Karen Anderson


Here is what is in the book… decide for yourself

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Is There a Cure for Geographic Tongue?


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