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At Last! A Solution for Geographic Tongue Without Pain, Embarrassment, or Doctors

By Tim McMahon

Geographic Tongue is a disorder that causes bare patches on the tongue surrounded by white rings. Doctors commonly consider it to be “benign” meaning not life threatening and not extremely serious. In addition they commonly report that “no treatment is necessary”.

Based on my research, this is an extremely short sighted and possibly harmful approach to this problem that plagues between 1% and as many as 10% of the population.

It is interesting to note that very little research has been done on this problem and so data is a bit sketchy but the best estimate is that about 3% of the population of the United States has this problem. An even greater percentage of people suffer with it  in other places, mostly third world countries (where nutrition is worse than in the U.S.). And although it is not immediately life threatening it is serious and not “harmless” at all, as you will see in a moment.

NORD declares Geographic Tongue “Orphan”

According to the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD) Geographic Tongue, a.k.a. Benign Migratory Glossitis is an “orphan” disease. Unfortunately for those who are suffering with it, this means that at the present time there is almost no research being done on the cause of this problem. It doesn’t help that the term “Benign” is in the official name of the disease. What researcher in his right mind wants to work on a “Benign” or “minor” disease? In order to make a name for himself he has to find a solution for something serious like Cancer or AIDS or something. So those of us with “Benign” problems have to stumble about and do the best we can on our own.

And that is exactly what I did; I began developing tongue problems almost 25 years ago and fortunately found solutions to my problem. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that most people were still looking for those same solutions.

How Allison’s tongue spurred me to find the answer

In 2002, a friend of mine named Allison began losing a lot of weight and was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which affected her ability to eat. I was able to sympathize with her because of a digestive problem I had 25 years ago. Then she showed me her tongue and I recognized the symptoms immediately, it was Geographic Tongue! This got me to thinking about my old problem and my own case of Geographic Tongue and the solutions I found.

As a favor to Allison, I began to do some more research on Geographic Tongue. This resulted in a 2 year quest for answers. If you ask my family they will probably tell you that I have been obsessed with this quest during this time. I work as a Network Administrator where analytical ability and research are key job requirements. But I spent almost every evening for 2 years after work researching this problem (some nights I worked until 2 or 3 AM searching and comparing notes among hundreds of people suffering from Geographic Tongue).

Mark Victor Hanson, a brilliant man who studied under Buckminster Fuller and Linus Pauling and is co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series recently said, “If you get enough people with a particular problem together you can find the solution” and this holds particularly true for rare disorders.

In the process of this research, I found some very interesting facts and was able to correlate that with my personal experience. It turns out that my personal situation was relatively unique and that combined with my inquisitive nature and analytical abilities formed the perfect environment for discovering the key to the Geographic Tongue problem.

You see, back when I had my digestive problems I had approximately 1/3 of my intestines surgically removed. This procedure probably saved my life, so I am extremely grateful to the doctors for this solution. But if I knew then, what I know now, the surgery may not have been necessary. One good thing came as a result of the surgery, in a strange way that was what led to my discovery of the “secret” to a healthy tongue.

Why doctors haven’t found this solution

Unfortunately, the fact is doctors are still human and they don’t know everything and most research is funded by the big medical companies.  You might think this is a good thing because they have big bucks to do the research, they can afford the best equipment and people etc. Unfortunately, there is also a downside. The first problem is that in order to justify these large budgets they need to have a large group of people with the problem and these people have to be willing to spend large amounts of money to solve the problem. Basically, if a problem can’t be solved by an expensive pill that is needed by a large segment of the population, the drug companies aren’t interested in looking for a solution.

I’m sure you know, that the primary motivation of drug companies is to get you onto their newest drugs (they even advertise these days!). And the more people who get on it the better they like it.  And also, unfortunately, the longer the patient stays on it the better they like it. Because that is where their profit is. So there is really no incentive to cure the patient. They actually have an incentive to keep you as a permanent drug addict! Their only incentive is to find a treatment for the problem. And if the problem is “chronic” (keeps coming back) all the better, as far as they are concerned. That is why they like diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Because once you start on their drugs they have you hooked for life.

Why drug companies don’t like Natural remedies

You may not have noticed, but drug companies are doing everything in their power to discredit natural treatments. Some of these treatments have been used successfully for thousands of years but now the drug companies are saying that they are “unsafe”. Actually, aspirin is more dangerous than most natural treatments. And Aspirin is nothing compared to some of the toxic cocktails that the drug companies are peddling. Did you know that natural remedies are not patentable? So of course natural solutions aren’t very popular with drug companies. If the drug companies can’t lock in a drug, so there is no competition (through a patent) the price would rapidly fall because of competition from copycats. That is why after the patent expires the generic drug makers can charge 1/10th or less of the original price.

Doctors are at their mercy

Unfortunately, doctors today are at the mercy of the drug companies. Almost all of their information is from the drug companies either directly or indirectly. Did you ever wonder why doctors have free samples of drugs in their offices? Aren’t free samples usually given out by salesmen? The reason is simple, like any good salesman, drug companies want to capture as big a market as possible, so they give away samples! But I am getting a bit off track. The only reason I mention it is to illustrate that the modern medical system is not interested in finding a solution for Geographic tongue (because of its low profile, and small quantity of sufferers) and sorry to say, they probably won’t be interested any time soon.

A better solution

Unfortunately, because of the current system,  the only answer doctors have is to say something like the official party line straight from the University of Southern California’s website: Geographic Tongue is “A fairly-common tongue condition of unknown cause manifesting as multiple, flat, irregular, red lesions of the tongue dorsum; after proper diagnosis, no treatment is necessary.”  Did you get that? They can describe it but they don’t think it needs treatment!

So your only solution is to find someone who has had the problem and has already found something that worked for them. And that is exactly why I am here.

Drug Companies don’t want you to know

Anything the drug companies can’t prove in a lab they call “anecdotal” somehow the experience of real people doesn’t count! You on the other hand can choose for yourself. You can listen to the experience of those who have no vested interest in how you decide (but who have experienced the problem themselves and want to share their experience with you) or you can listen to the big drug companies who are saying “no treatment necessary, go home and suffer in silence” the choice is up to you! Are you ready to find solutions that worked for other people or do you want to give up now?

I have searched and compiled the “anecdotal” stories of hundreds of people with tongue problems and combined them with experts opinions, doctor’s recommendations, NORD research and alternative medicine recommendations and put all this information into a book called “Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed”. This book covers not only Geographic Tongue but many other tongue problems like Thrush, Tongue Fissures (or cracks), Black Tongue, Black Hairy Tongue, Hairy Leukoplakia, Burning Tongue or Burning Mouth, Pigmented Tongue, and various Tongue Coatings,  as well.

The Common Denominator

Do you want to know what I found, when I compared hundreds of others experiences with mine? I found that the “Common Denominator” in most tongue problems is purely nutritional. If you give your body the right building blocks (nutrients) it can fix almost anything. and this is especially true for tongue problems. As a matter of fact many nutritional deficiencies show up on your tongue long before a doctor’s fancy tests will be able to find them.

So by following the proper nutritional steps you can quickly rid yourself of many tongue problems like Geographic Tongue and you can do it without pain, embarrassment or Doctors!

Tim McMahon, Author


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Hi Tim, thigs were going well, but i stopped taking the vitamins. Then it just came back…darn!
So i guess i will start the vitamins again.
Any suggestions?

A while later…

Hi Tim, things are much better .
I am healthy, my tongue much better and i don’t worry about it anymore…
You were the most help of anyone when i was most concerned.
I really appreciate it.


 Hi Tim, well i have now had an almost normal tounge for 6 weeks. of course I may ruin that with the xmas food now upon us. My neighbour who is also my dentist is very interested with what I have been doing of course she has clients with these problems.she is reading your book with great interest.

A. McNab- New Zealand

Is There a Cure for Geographic Tongue?

About the Author Tim McMahon

  • rajkumar says:

    My 3 years old son has been suffering from mapped tongue since the age of 6 months. I live in India.I have heard about healthy tongue secrets revealed.
    Please tell me from where I can purchase this book.
    With Regards
    Azamgarh (U.P.)

    • Tim McMahon says:

      Dear Rajkumar,

      It is always hard to hear of one so young suffering with Geographic (map) Tongue. The good news is that children often “outgrow” GT primarily because they stop being picky eaters and start getting all the nutrients they need from their diet. There are several keys for kids.

      1) Get the proper nutrition
      2) Establish proper intestinal flora
      3) Eat as few sweets, artificial colors and preservatives as possible.
      4) Eliminate any yeast problems.
      5) Eliminate any irritants, and food allergies like SLS in toothpaste

      The book covers #1,#2, #4 and #5 in several different ways in different places.

      Pay particular attention to the chapter on children but remember everything that applies to geographic tongue in adults also applies to children. The only thing is the vitamin dosages are smaller.

      In the upper left corner of every page is a link called How to Order Healthy Tongue Secrets. Just click that and it will take you to the proper page.

      Be sure to read the update bonus report. And let me know how your son is doing after a month.

      To Your Health (and your son’s),

      Tim McMahon, Author

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