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Geographic Tongue in Toddlers and Children

Geographic Tongue_in Boy

By Tim McMahon If your child has developed bald patches or a “map-like” appearance on their tongue you have probably already heard the diagnosis Geographic Tongue. If you’ve taken your son or daughter to the pediatrician or doctor… you may have heard,   “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do.” Most Doctors will also tell […]

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Pregnancy, Nursing and Geographic Tongue

By Tim McMahon Pregnancy is a time of high nutritional need, after all you are “eating for two” now.  Not that you need twice the calories but you do need twice the nutrition to build healthy bones and bodies.  But in today’s world it is difficult to get the proper nutrition for one let alone enough […]

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3 Words Doctors say about Geographic Tongue that Make Me Angry!

Do you want to know what they are?  By Tim McMahon Over the last few years I have spoken with literally hundreds of people who suffer with Geographic Tongue and let me tell you… These may be three of the most disheartening words to anyone with Geographic Tongue. What are they? “No Treatment Necessary” To an […]

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Geographic Tongue in Menopause


Life is all about transitions.  When we were younger the transitions came faster… the transition from living in a nice warm protected womb to the harsh daylight was a traumatic and difficult process not only for our mothers but for us as well.  But that was just the beginning, along the way there were more […]

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At Last! A Solution for Geographic Tongue Without Pain, Embarrassment, or Doctors

By Tim McMahon Geographic Tongue is a disorder that causes bare patches on the tongue surrounded by white rings. Doctors commonly consider it to be “benign” meaning not life threatening and not extremely serious. In addition they commonly report that “no treatment is necessary”. Based on my research, this is an extremely short sighted and […]

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Table of Contents

Are you curious about what is included in our 139-page e-book Healthy Tongue Secrets? Look at the table of contents for a taste of what is included:

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College Student Eliminates Geographic Tongue in 1 Month Naturally

College Student

How Jon Eliminated His Tongue Problem Jon’s problem… Jon’s geographic tongue problem began many years ago when he was only about 7 or 8. By the time, he got to college he had already suffered through many years of embarrassment, pain and uncertainty… and he was tired of it. This is Jon before he got rid […]

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Geographic Tongue: What is it?

Geographic tongue has many stages, the first stage is a fairly mild form of geographic tongue where there is only a slight loss of “taste buds” along the edges (actually Papillae). As you can see from the first photo (if you look closely) there is only a slight smooth patch along the front edge of this […]

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