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Geographic Tongue: What is it?

Mild Geographic Tongue or GlossitisGeographic tongue has many stages, the first stage is a fairly mild form of geographic tongue where there is only a slight loss of “taste buds” along the edges (actually Papillae). As you can see from the first photo (if you look closely) there is only a slight smooth patch along the front edge of this tongue.

At this stage, the problem is hardly noticeable and often you are the only person who even knows it exists… but it may be beginning to cause you some minor concern. You might mention it to an especially observant doctor or dentist. And they might tell you it is nothing to worry about. But you do worry, you know something isn’t right and you feel there might be something more serious behind this.

At the next stage we see a more typical case of Geographic Tongue with the bald patches and surrounding white lines being clearly visible.

When your tongue starts looking like this often you begin to become more concerned, even though the doctors keep telling you there is nothing to worry about! Obviously something is wrong and it is getting worse!

The truly discouraging thing about Geographic Tongue is the fact that the bald patches do not stay in one place but appear to move around on the tongue. Often, just as you think your tongue might actually be getting better… then BAM! It promptly gets worse again. It begins to seem almost like a cruel joke nature is playing on you. Give you hope then smash it again!   Week after week it is the same thing…

a little better, a little worse…

a little better, a little worse…

Severe Geographic Tongue wth Fissures

This is where the “Migratory” part of its official name “Benign Migratory Glossitis”  comes from. The nasty terrible problem just seems to migrate all around on your tongue aggravating and taunting you.

If you do not find a cure during the second stage, you may even develop a severe case of Geographic Tongue like this one with extremely large ugly bald patches surrounded by strange white lines.

Worse yet, the rest of this tongue is absolutely covered with large painful fissures (or cracks) some of these cracks can get as deep as 1/4 inch!. You might not even think your tongue is that thick! Can you imagine having cracks almost all the way through your tongue? Just the thought is painful and makes me shudder!

But there is hope.

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