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Do You Have a White Fuzzy Patch on Your Tongue?

By Tim McMahon

White Fuzzy patches on the tongue could be one of two or three different things.The first is called Thrush. It is caused by an overgrowth of Yeast or “Candida Albicans” in the body.  It can be the result of antibiotics killing off the “good bacteria” that keeps the yeast in check.     Yeast is generally found only on the top surface of the tongue although patches can occcasionally be found on the sides of the mouth, lips and various other moist surfaces and on other parts of the body. Often babies will get thrush on their tongue and mouth and candida can also be a cause of “diaper rash”.
Thrush Spots

Thrush Spots

Thrush begins as small white fuzzy patches on the tongue or only “spots”. Although if left unchecked the spots will get larger until they cover the whole tongue. Once it gains hold it can result in a quite thick patch of white fuzz. For more info see Thrush Tongue.

Thick Thrush Coating

If the white fuzzy patches are on the sides of the tongue rather than than on the top, it is quite possible that it is Hairy Leukoplakia rather than thrush.  For more info see Hairy Leukoplakia.


Hairy Leukoplakia
Hairy Leukoplakia
If on the other hand the patches are bald and surrounded by white rings it would be geographic tongue.  For more info see Geographic Tongue.
Geographic Tongue

Geographic Tongue with Rings


As far as the white coating… 

The papillary structure of the top of the tongue provides many crevices and a large surface area where microorganisms and food particles, etc. can accumulate. These micro-organisms of the tongue can influence the make up of the flora of the entire mouth. Normally the top of the tongue is either pinkish or has a thin white coating. By thin I mean it is almost clear and not fuzzy at all. Almost like milk.

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