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Tongue Problem in Canada

Three years ago I noticed a small smooth area on the side of my tongue.  My dentist, oral surgeon, GP and dermatologist had no idea what it was except to say it wasn’t cancer.   I actually diagnosed myself by going on the internet.  When finally my Ear, Nose and Throat specialist told me I had geographic tongue, I already knew. 

Now, more than half the papillae on my tongue are gone most of the time.  Sometimes there is a small fissure, sometimes soreness and occasionally a little bleeding and my tongue is getting worse. 

I purchased Healthy Tongue Secrets about two years ago.  Unfortunately, I didn’t save it on a disk and lost the ebook when my computer crashed before I had a chance to read it. 

When I decided to email you, tell you my situation and ask if I could download Healthy Tongue Secrets again.  I didn’t know what to expect–after all it was two years ago that I purchased HTS and lost it.  To my surprise, I heard back from you the very next day and I was able to obtain your ebook that very day.    You obviously read and respond to your emails.  It is very apparent to me that you really do care about your readership.  Thank you, Tim.  I am eager to learn and apply the “secrets”.  I am eager to have a healthy tongue.   

Warm regards, 

A. Moore
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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