Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed

Why You don’t want a Quick fix to your Tongue Problem

If the foundation of your house were crumbling, I mean big chunks are just falling out, would you want someone to just slap a coat of paint on it so it looks nice? Or would you want someone to fix it properly? I’m sure you’d want it done right, wouldn’t you?  Otherwise at some point your walls would start cracking and you’d have even bigger problems. Well, the same is true with your body. Do you want someone to paint over the symptoms or do you want to find the secret to true health and vitality?

Many modern drugs like steroids are like a quick paint job which just cover up the real problem.

Here is an important lesson for you about tongue health:

Your tongue is just a symptom… it is not the real problem… Find the real problem and fix it and your tongue will fix itself!

Unfortunately, your body is very complex… like a car that runs on gasoline, propane, diesel, electricity and hydrogen all at the same time. Unfortunately, there is only one gauge for all of them. So if one fuel is empty, the gauge will read empty but you will still have to determine which one is needed. That is why finding the right solution to your tongue problems is so difficult. But in “Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue and Other Tongue Problems” I will give you exactly the right tools to determine what you need to do to restore the health of your tongue and your body.

Perhaps it was destiny…

…that my abilities and my problem would come together to result in a solution to the many tongue problems affecting so many peoples lives. At first, I just wanted to help my friend Allison. But then I realized that was a selfish attitude.

There are thousands of people out there just like you suffering with Geographic Tongue.

Because I have already done all the hard work, spending hour upon hour, compiling this report for Allison, You are in the right place at the right time! And that is why I am so excited about this for you. This way everybody wins!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I live out in the country and don’t have access to fancy stores, will I be able to follow your suggestions?

Answer: The key vitamins and minerals and other recommendations in the book are easy to locate in almost any health food store or pharmacy. If you absolutely can’t find them anywhere you can click on the links included in my electronic book and order them on line.

Question: I am on a fixed income… will these products cost me a lot?

Answer: No, most of the things I recommend are extremely inexpensive. Some can be bought for as little as $1.98 others may cost a little more.

Question: I am pregnant (or Nursing) will your system work for me?

Answer: If you are pregnant or nursing your body needs more nutrients than at any other time. Research reveals that over 80% of pregnant women are deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals. Some of these missing key vitamins not only create the perfect environment for Geographic Tongue but they also put your baby at risk for brain damage and other birth defects. If you are pregnant or nursing it is absolutely imperative that you  listen to what your tongue is trying to tell you!

Question: My baby daughter is 15 months old and has geographic tongue. I have breastfed her up to 14 months yet she has been having it from the day she was born.
How do you explain that? Breast milk has everything in it she needs, she is also a very healthy normal toddler. Can your book be useful to her or is she too young?

Answer: I am sorry to hear about one so young having this problem. But you have asked an excellent question and there are a couple of possible explanations.

Everyone absorbs vitamins differently and one possible explanation is that even though your milk has everything your baby needs, your baby may be having difficulty absorbing certain vitamins.

More likely, as I said in the previous answer, often women who are nursing are deficient in certain vitamins, if you don’t have them how can you pass them on to your baby?

Question: Is there anything else that can cause Geographic Tongue besides just vitamin deficiencies?

Answer: Yes, many things can cause Geographic Tongue. One thing that I can think of off the top of my head would be something like “Thrush” or “Yeast” which can cause vitamin absorption problems. If you have Yeast problems it can lead to many other problems including Geographic Tongue. Incidentally, since Thrush and yeast problems are are so closely related to Geographic Tongue it is thoroughly covered in the book along with many other tongue problems.

Question: Would a blood test tell me what my body is missing?

Answer: The answer is a definite maybe. Generally a blood test will tell you if you are really deficient in something. But often if you are on the “low” end of a scale the Doctor will tell you the levels are “normal” when in actuality that is still your problem.

Question: Will your system work for me?

Answer: Well there is no way to tell for sure until you try it, but I have a rare and unique solution that has worked for hundreds of people already, and It’s as close to a “Sure Thing” as you’re going to find.

Question: Can your system make me worse?

Answer: Everything in my system is natural, there are no harsh chemicals or drugs. Everything is based on giving your system the building blocks it needs to restore your health.

Question: Will I have to make major changes in my lifestyle to follow your system?

Answer: No, there are no major changes. Although if you are living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle it can increase your body’s need for a variety of nutrients and I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to reduce those stresses.

Question: I have heard that my computer can get a virus if I download anything from the internet.

Answer: Our e-book has been scanned for virus’ and is guaranteed virus free. So although there are viruses on the internet our book is perfectly safe.

*Note: My book “Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue and Other Tongue Problems” covers all of these topics and more, but it is not written specifically for babies, toddlers (or pregnant or nursing women) so you would have to think about how your baby’s problem would relate through her connection to you. You might want to check with your doctor or pediatrician before using them.

Suppose one day you walk over to your desk…

…and there you find that someone has mysteriously left a blue folder. Stamped across the front you see the big bold words…

Top Secret


You glance around wondering…  where could it have come from?

Then you look a little closer and in small black print stenciled across the front you see the name of the report that is contained inside the folder. The report is mysteriously named “Healthy Tongue Secrets”.

You might ask yourself, why have I been blessed with this knowledge now?  The old saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” might cross your mind. You ask yourself, Am I ready to find the solution?

Could you resist sneaking a peek inside?

Deep down you know this report contains all the secrets you have been looking for.

You know it will solve every one of your tongue problems.

Could you resist tearing it open to find the Secrets you so desperately want?

What if there really is a Top-Secret solution for Geographic Tongue?

Would you like to know what it is?

If I were you I know I would want to know the secret.

Just like Jon discoved in this story, I can make the white rings and “bald patches” come and go on my tongue almost at will and I can show you how to take control of your tongue too!

But, I must admit that the process isn’t “instantaneous” or “magic” it generally takes a week for the changes to begin taking effect and another week or two for my tongue to return to a completely normal healthy condition. Then as long as I stay in “maintenance mode” I usually don’t have any problems. Occasionally, when I am under extreme stress, the problem will crop up again (since I am not paying much attention to it) and I will have to repeat the treatment.

But under normal circumstances, it is entirely under control!

Yep, It’s true.

By giving your tongue the proper nutrients and taking the proper steps, you can make your tongue strong and healthy too, just like I have!

Like you and most other Geographic Tongue sufferers, I had been dealing with this problem for a while.  So, I understand the frustration you feel when you think about correcting this problem. Helplessness is one of the worst feelings around and it seems that every time you go to your doctor, all they do is perform more tests and pronounce: “There is not much you can do for your Geographic Tongue… but don’t worry it’s not serious.”

When I hear stories like that from people before they bought my book it makes boiling me mad!

There are millions of people just like you suffering with Geographic Tongue and wishing that there was something they could do about it. But you don’t have to be stuck with them. The truth is, there is something you can do about it! Once you know the secret.

Instead of getting more and more depressed and frustrated, wondering what is wrong with you… it simply isn’t necessary! My readers and I are living proof that you can control your Geographic Tongue! You just need to know the Secret!

This type of helpless thinking needs to stop, right NOW!

There is a simple easy Solution for Geographic Tongue! As a matter of fact it is one of the easiest things in the world for you to do! Believe me, the right combination of nutrients can protect your tongue and make it clear and healthy again, in a couple of short weeks! You just have to give it a try.

And there is absolutely no risk on your part, you see I am so sure that this information is exactly what you have been searching for, that I am willing to take all the risk. Read it for a full 90 days and if you aren’t satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all) simply return it for a full refund and keep the Bonuses as my gift to you, just for giving me a chance to help you with your Geographic Tongue problem.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%Guaranteed To Improve Your Health… Or Get Your Money Back!

If this book doesn’t turn your life around and make your tongue healthier, I don’t think you should have to pay for it. Just drop me a note and I’ll refund all your money.


But if you’re like the others who’ve discovered the life changing secrets in this book people will need a crowbar to pry this valuable information out of your hands.

Warning! After reading this book you may not recognize your own tongue anymore.


Remember, I am taking all the risk, I know you could easily read the book, cure your problem and then request a refund. But I trust you. And I really want you to experience the “settled feeling” and “peace of mind” that Dorothy and Amy spoke about.

Why would I be willing to take all the Risk? To let you read the book and then decide whether to keep it? Because experience has shown that almost everyone who reads it has found it extremely valuable and refuses to give it up!

I did have one woman who read it and said, she already knew everything and she would like a refund.

You could almost hear her whine in the message she sent:

“I bought your book out of desperation because my Geographic tongue is so bad. I wasted my money and am humiliated. You did not provide me with anything i did not already know. I am humiliated i spent my money on this. I would like it if you would refund my money. I needed help with GT-not every other tongue problem.”— Name withheld

I promptly sent her a refund and I must confess I was so surprised that I wrote her back (it’s rare that you meet someone who knows everything). I was also curious why someone would be “humiliated” because they tried to solve their problem.

And to tell you the truth, (secretly, I still wanted to help her, even if I had already refunded her money) so I asked about what she had tried and if she had heard of this new research, etc. (which she hadn’t) and she appeared really high strung and stressed. I felt sorry for her. It was also obvious that she had disregarded a great deal of information in the book because it “wasn’t specifically targeted” toward Geographic Tongue. She totally failed to grasp how our bodies are completely interrelated and how all tongue problems stem from a single cause. I was saddened and disappointed that she wouldn’t let me help her.

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