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At Healthy Tongue Secrets we are dedicated to finding Natural treatments for Geographic Tongue. Geographic tongue is a condition where the tongue develops patches on the surface. These patches can be either bald (denuded) or have white rings around them. 

Many “experts” will tell you,  “Geographic tongue is a common tongue problem that normally responds to topical steroids” they often add “antifungal and antibacterial medications may be used for symptomatic cases and topical or systemic cortisone or prednisone may also be effective”. We feel that steroids for long term treatment are unsafe, can cause more problems than they solve and are not a geographic tongue (gt) cure.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a natural inexpensive geographic tongue treatment?

Our e-book Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed deals with the nutritional and other natural causes of geographic tongue to get to the root of the problem. It shows you the right vitamins and minerals and the other steps you can take to help eliminate it in little as one month.  Other names are benign migratory glossitis, geographical tongue, and map tongue.

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Dear Tim:
I recently read a book by Kevin Trudeau “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” .  It is an exceptional book.  In it, he talks about almost all of the same health issues that you do (cleanses, nutrient deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies).  One of his main themes is to find the cause of the illness, and not to simply suppress the symptom with drugs… 

I also find it ironic that you call your book “Healthy Tongue Secrets”.  It really is a secret if you think about it.  The doctors and dentists (or experts) that we rely on for health issues are clueless about nutrition and deficiencies.  Since they can’t give me a drug, or cut out my tongue, all they can say is that it’s no big deal.  What nonsense!
Anyhow, this is day 3 since I started reading your book, and my tongue is about 90% better.  Thanks,


Is There a Cure for Geographic Tongue?

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