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Where Do I Start?


I read your book already could not put it down. Just to give you some history of myself. I am a 48 year old Canadian male not over weight and a non-smoker in what i thought was above average health. About 10 months ago during a routine dental exam my dentist informed me that i had a Geographic Tongue, he said it was benign and nothing to worry about. When I got home I looked for myself and the only thing I saw was a couple of bare ( smooth ) patches, as I was feeling no discomfort i just forgot about it at the time.

Then about 3 months ago I noticed a stinging on both my cheeks upon further investigation it appeared that I had bitten myself hard causing a deep lesion on both cheeks. This condition continued to bother my for a few days when I decided to call my dentist and without seeing me he advised me that I was likely clenching my teeth in my sleep and bit myself, he said that stress is the likely cause of the clenching. I agreed with him and again was not that concerned. As these lesions appeared to be taking a long time to heal I thought maybe I could speed things up by using a mouthwash, to my surprise when I used a mouth wash my tongue quickly felt like it was being irritated more so than my cheeks. I took a good look at my tongue and noticed it was full of small deep cracks, this concerned me so I called my doctor and when I saw him he seemed unconcerned. He did say he thought I had a yeast infection and gave me a prescription for Nystatin I am on my 3rd prescription and it may be helping a bit but definitely not clearing everything up.

From what I read in your book, I have concluded that I have 3 tongue conditions

1. Geographic tongue- mild or early stages

2. Fissured tongue- Mild to medium range as compared to pictures

3. Yeast ( Thrush ) – Mild to Medium range

I believe what you say about fixing the root cause as opposed to just trying to heal the tongue. I was under a tremendous amount of stress the 12 months before I first noticed these symptoms, family, work and personal problems resulted in me not eating right a lot of the time and drinking alcohol more that what was normal for me so I do believe I may have caused this condition to arise. I actually had just turned the corner with dealing with those other problems and was just starting to eat properly again ( i had to my stomach was bothering me and I was having acid reflux so bad I was seeing my doctor about that already )  when I noticed my mouth condition.

Anyway I badly want to do whatever it takes to get back to normal and healthy again. I realize it won’t be easy and am willing to make the required commitment and diet changes required. I already take a good multi-vitamin daily i also take chlorella,and a 81mg aspirin and that’s about it besides food. I had already cut out most sugars and bread as they have given me heartburn all my life. After reading your book and jotting down as I read what i should do and what vitamin’s and mineral supplements I should take and what foods I should eat and avoid to say the least I am a little overwhelmed  I have four pages written and not sure where to start.

Could you simplify it for me because there is no way I can take everything I wrote down. I want to follow your VIGOR program And could you tell me what order to take these vitamins and supplements in and for how long. I am not looking for a quick fix and realize it will take time I like to exercise and need to be healthy as my job requires me to be in shape and is quite demanding physically, and mentally. I also enjoy golfing and hiking and boating and don’t want to have to stop doing any of these activities because I’m to lazy or committed  to getting healthy again.

Thanks for taking the Time to read this I am looking forward to your reply as I want to get started ASAP.

Thanks again for a great read and for not charging $500.00 for this information.

Ste. Croix

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About the Author Tim McMahon

  • Tim McMahon says:


    You definately have to narrow it down from 4 pages! That is why I created the brief “Where to Start” guide. It is not just a table of contents but also contains a great vitamin program created by a board certified doctor along with other helpful information. I would start with his program.
    If you read nothing else this would be extremely helpful.

    The “Update Report” is also short but contains some interesting
    research on Zinc and its importance in creating a healthy tongue. It also contains other research supporting the idea that you can actually improve your tongue.

    From there the next thing I would read is the “Healthy Tongue
    Secrets” book itself. It is quite long and you can skip the
    backround about me if you’d like, although it might give you some information on where I am coming from and how I got where I am today.

    You might be tempted to skip straight to the geographic tongue
    chapter but that would be a mistake. I think all of the tongue
    problems are related. So even though it might seem like a
    totally different problem often you will pick up helpful
    information even though it isn’t in the “right” chapter.

    So if you have skipped any of the chapters I strongly recommend
    that you go back and look at them and don’t forget the tables at the back of the book that detail the individual vitamins and how they each affect your tongue. You might be able to use the associated deficiency symptoms to determine exactly which vitamin is your problem.

    Often yeast and thrush go “hand-in-hand” with tongue problems so if you are experiencing anything like fatigue, allergies, ring worm, rashes, athletes foot or any other yeast related issue, you should look at the yeast bonus next.

    Well, that should be enough to get you started on the road to a
    healthy tongue. Let me know if there is any way I can help!

    To Your Health,

    Tim McMahon, Author
    Healthy Tongue Secrets

    “Methuselah’s Secret” is about the importance of something we all take for granted (I won’t spoil the secret by telling you what it is here). But it may actually be the root cause of most disease and even cancer. So don’t skip it just because it sounds funny.

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